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Adamthwaite Archive

"The website IS the one-name study!"



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Table of contents

Regular visitors to the site will have noticed changes to the general design and also to the navigation system. You will also find that any old bookmarks you may have set up will no longer work.  However, all the old pages are still here; please use this Table of Contents to find the pages you are looking for.

Welcome & History

An introduction to the site, to the Adamthwaite One-name study and an invitation for all Adamthwaite researchers to join our Mailing List

The Adamthwaite One-name Study - why I set it up and what we hope to achieve

About One-name Studies - how they differ from ordinary Family History research

Colour coding system – an explanation of how the information was collected, how to use the data presented on the site to find out about your line of Adamthwaites,  and the process used to reconstruct the ten family lines identified to date

Ten Adamthwaite lines – a summary of the origins of each of the ten lines

Name Index - use this page to find out which line your ancestors belong to and what sort of additional information we may hold about them on this website

Newsletters – links to copies of Newsletters which were emailed to members of the mailing list

Reunion in Ravenstonedale - photos recording our 2009 Adamthwaite Reunion held in the village where the Adamthwaites originated before 1540

History of the Adamthwaites – a brief history of the Adamthwaites, including current thoughts on the origins of the surname and past variants

Earliest mentions – a transcript of relevant entries in the Pipe Rolls of Cumberland and Westmorland

Adamthwaite Farm - information about the isolated hamlet in the parish of Ravenstonedale where all our Adamthwaite lines seem to originate

Early occupants - details of the earliest inhabitants of Adamthwaite and also information about other places in the parish where later Adamthwaites were found living

Ravenstonedale registers – some interesting snippets from the Parish Registers of Ravenstonedale in Westmorland – the location of our earliest parish records, and also more about the different places of worship in the parish

Quakers and dissenters – a little about Quakers in Westmorland/West Riding of Yorkshire

Old maps – links to images of some early maps of the areas where the earliest known Adamthwaites lived, plus some links to more maps on

Website design - some background about how the website evolved and a comments form you can use to tell us your opinions about the recent changes

Latest updates – a log of main updates to the website

Table of Contents - you are here

Resource Data

Links to the data spreadsheets, which contain details of all known Adamthwaites and notes on viewing them (they are all presented as .pdf files for speed of uploading: there are links to the Adobe site on the Welcome page where you can download the latest free version of Adobe Reader)

BMDs in England and Wales – brief description of the information contained on the spreadsheets and links to the Birth, Marriage and Death pages

BMDs in USA and Canada – links to spreadsheets showing known BMDs in USA and Canada

BMDs in Aus and NZ – links to spreadsheets showing known BMDs in Australia and New Zealand

Census data – links to spreadsheets showing all Adamthwaite individuals found in all published censuses for England, Scotland and Wales (1841 – 1911); also links to spreadsheets for USA and Canada

Other Historical records - this page provides links to a small collection of documents about Adamthwaites; Manorial documents which mention Adamthwaites as well as various spreadsheets listing all Adamthwaites we have located in a range of other sources: historical directories, apprenticeship records, school records, subscription lists, Hearth Tax records, Tax records, Poll Books and Electoral Rolls, 1939 Register, Tithe Records and any other records apart from parish registers

Migration – brief explanation of how the migration data are presented, with links to relevant pages, plus links to spreadsheets showing all known Adamthwaites found on passenger lists to and from England and the rest of the world

Distribution data on migration – breakdown of the spread of Adamthwaites from their original locations in the North West of England across the British Isles and on to the New World

Distribution maps for the UK – maps showing the location of Adamthwaites by county for each of the census years

Why did they leave? - this is something I hope to discover, but if you can provide any ideas, please let me know!

Useful websites - some links to wites that I have found useful when researching Adamthwaites

Wills & Probate and other Documents

An introduction to the type of information held on the pages in this section

Adamthwaite wills – list of Adamthwaite Wills and Administrations currently held (mostly pre-1858), with links to transcriptions of all documents  plus a few images of the actual documents

Probate calendar extracts – link to a pdf file listing all Wills and Administrations found in the Probate Calendar from 1858 through to 1943, with known details

Death duty records – details of all Adamthwaites found on the ‘Find My Past’ index to Death Duty records, plus transcriptions of all actual records found to date  

Family Trees & the Adamthwaite DNA Project

An introduction to the family trees and also to the Adamthwaite DNA project

Sedbergh and Ravenstonedale Adamthwaites – a very speculative chart showing the possible linkages between the early Adamthwaites in Ravenstonedale and Sedbergh, constructed from Parish Records and information gleaned from Wills and Manorial documents

VIOLET line family tree

YELLOW line family tree

ORANGE line family tree

OLIVE line family tree

TEAL line family tree (discovered in 2013)

PINK line family tree

GREY line family tree

BLUE line family tree

Lt GREEN line family tree

TURQUOISE line family tree

Adamthwaite DNA project the reasons behind our decision to set up the project

Background information about DNA testing

DNA project design – project aims and objectives and a breakdown of lines of research

DNA how you can help – details of how you can get involved in the project, with links to charts showing DNA carriers for each of the lines where there are known to be living male descendants (current generations are not shown however)

DNA funding – how the project is funded and how to make a donation

DNA results – link to our webpage on the Family Tree DNA site and summary of results as they arrive

the Family Finder DNA test - information about how all Adamthwaite descendants can participate in our DNA project

DNA migration maps - showing the path followed by the earliest men in the two Haplogroups to which our yDNA testers belong, from Africa to Western Europe

Photo Galleries

Galleries of images contributed by members of the Adamthwaite mailing list, showing places where Adamthwaites lived in the past and also photos of our ancestors.

Around Ravenstonedale - with an illustrated Walk around Ravenstonedale

Around Sedbergh and Bowes, plus a view from Winder

Around Winton

Around Stennerskeugh

Around Bentham

Around Quambatook

VIOLET Gallery

YELLOW Gallery

ORANGE Gallery

OLIVE Gallery 

PINK Gallery

GREY Gallery

BLUE Gallery

TEAL Gallery


some mystery photos for you to identify


Stories about some of our ancestors - many of these stories have been contributed by members of the mailing list and include photos and historical details from their own research.  There are also some very interesting characters to be discovered amongst these pages.  The main page has links to all the articles and also to an index of individuals mentioned.  There are also notes on the Birth spreadsheets indicating everyone who is mentioned in any of these articles.

1. Richard Greaves Adamthwaite - lithographic artist of Salford

2. Elopement scandal - the story of Thomas Garrett's elopement with Rev John Adamthwaite's niece

3. Emma Adamthwaite - whose sons fought in the American Civil War

4. Letters from home - written by a mother to her family far away in Australia

5. Adamthwaite Farm - is this where it all began?

6. Reverend William Adamthwaite of West Stockwith - one of several OLIVE line vicars

7. Rhoda's story - life of a family in Leeds who belonged ot the VIOLET line

8. Adamthwaites in Uniform - details of all known Adamthwaites who have served in conflicts, with recollections of those times - we would like to receive more items for the 'Recollections' section

9. Adamthwaites in the Workhouse - details of the hard times for some YELLOW line members, plus details of all known Adamthwaites who lived and/or died in the workhouse

10. Tragedy, Bigamy and Intrigue - some shocking revelations about members of the ORANGE line of Adamthwaites

11. the Adamthwaites of Quambatook in Victoria, Australia - one branch of the OLIVE line

12. the Seven Reverends Adamthwaite - this article about the various Adamthwaite clergy (many of whom were involved in running boys' schools), was first published in the Cumbria FHS Journal

13. Leeanna's story - fond memories of a favourite great grandmother in the ORANGE line, including images of Military service papers for John Alexander Ridgeway ADAMTHWAITE

14. Mary's story - the life of Mary Adamthwaite - a much travelled member of the PINK line

15. Alf Adamthwaite - some recollections about Alf of Quambatook

16. William Mackever Adamthwaite - the life of an early VIOLET Adamthwaite; illustrated with many photographs of the area where he lived

17. John Smith - a Geneologist's nightmare? - the solution to a long standing puzzle about his marriage to both the widow AND the daughter of Rev Joseph Adamthwaite.  This article includes a link to a publication with the recollections of a past pupil who attended the Cotherston Academy while the Smiths were in charge.

18. Rev John Adamthwaite of Winton - a possible scandal concerning this upstanding gentleman revealed by some puzzling bequests in his will and the lengthy time required to resolve his Death Duties

19. Maintenance of the Poor in Ravenstonedale - research into the Poor Law records reveals some interesting information about Adamthwaite involvement

20. Apropos this chair - the tale that this chair could probably tell about several generations of Bob's ancestors that sat on it!

Miscellany index - an index of all the individuals who appear in the articles in the Miscellany section

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