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Light GREEN line family tree chart

This line is headed by a John Adamthwaite and Margaret Hunter - who ran a school in Bowes for a number of years.  When John died in 1817, his memorial stone recorded that he was 'a native of Ravenstonedale' - however we have been unable to find a likely baptisms amongst the Ravenstonedale registers in around 1776 when he would have been born (according to his age at death).  This line seems to have 'daughtered out' in the 1860s - but we would be delighted to hear from any descendants who can tell us otherwise!


As with all our family tree charts, no information is shown for living individuals.








NOTES: As these are all very wide charts, I had to upload them as Zip files.  When you click on the link the downloaded file will appear at the bottom left of your window - click and zoom in to enlarge the size of the image until the print is legible and then scroll across to left and right to view all the details.

I have had some success taking a CD of some of these images to a local photocopy shop and getting them printed on A1 paper.


If you are aware of any errors or omissions on the chart, please let me know.

descendants of John Adamthwaite (~1776-1817) and Margaret Hunter (one image showing whole tree)

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