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BLUE line family tree charts

This line is headed by yet another William Adamthwaite whose birth we have not managed to trace.  From his age at death, he would have been born in about 1774 and we first came across him living in Appleby where he married Hannah Whitesmith in 1799.  We know that in 1829 he was listed in a Trade Directory as a butcher and farmer of Burrells, Appleby and at some point he was also an innkeeper.  All his surviving descendants migrated to London, where many worked in the print industry.


As with all our family tree charts, no information is shown for living individuals.











NOTES: As these are all very wide charts, they will open as JPEG images - you will need to enlarge the size of the image until the print is legible and then scroll across to the right to view all the details.


Although I maintain records using Legacy Family Tree software, these charts were produced using the Wall Chart feature of RootsMagic and converting the .rmg images to JPGs.  You should be able to download any of the trees from the website by right-clicking the image and selecting 'save' - however most images are too large to be legible when reduced to fit on a standard A4 sheet.  I have had some success taking a CD of these images to a local photocopy shop and getting them printed on A1 paper.


I am currently in the process of  producing new charts for all lines with Legacy Charting.  If you notice any errors or omissions, please contact me and I will make the necessary corrections as I update all the charts.

Chart 1: descendants of William Adamthwaite (~1774-1836) and Hannah Whitesmith

Chart 2: descendants of John Jonathan Adamthwaite (1832-1900) and Jane Abley

Chart 3: descendants of Alfred Andrew Adamthwaite (1834-1928) and Honora Field


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