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Thank you to Michelle, Elizabeth and Dave for these photos


photo 1  shows Isabella Adamthwaite (b.1864), the daughter of Thomas Adamthwaite and Elizabeth (Newbold).  Isabella married Paul Sidney in 1885

photo 2  shows Sarah Adamthwaite (known as 'Aunt Marjorie') (b. 1866) daughter of Michael Adamthwaite and Frances (Dobinson)

photo 3  shows Joseph Adamthwaite (b.1885), son of Michael Adamthwaite and Frances (Dobinson)

photo 4  shows Lizzie Wakelyn (b.1886) who married Joseph Adamthwaite

photo 5  Lizzie (Wakelyn) Adamthwaite on her 86th birthday

photo 6  Joseph Adamthwaite with daughter Ruth circa 1927

photo 7  Ruth Adamthwaite with her mother Lizzie Adamthwaite at Ruth's nursing graduation, circa 1946

photo 8  'Off to War'  Bill, Joe, John and Victor - sons of Joseph and Lizzie Adamthwaite, circa 1943


And thank you to Enid for these:


photo 9  This shows John Henry Adamthwaite (1880-1963) - son of John and Jane (Tunstall) on the far left and his wife Miriam Fevyer on the far right.

photo 10  This is Minnie, one of John and Miriam's daughter's with her husband Tom Walton

photo 11  Here is Miriam Fevyer, John Henry's wife, when she was much younger than in photo 9!

photo 12  from left to right: Molly (Mary) Adamthwaite, Mildred Adamthwaite, Miriam (Fevyer) Adamthwaite, John Henry Adamthwaite

photo 13  Miriam (Fevyer) and her step sister Hannah - Miriam's father died on board shipin the Baltic Sea when she was only about 4 years old.  Her mother Mary (Curoe) remarried in 1889 and Hannah was born a year later.

photo 14  Miriam Fevyer on her wedding day

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