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Richard Greaves Adamthwaite, artist of Salford

The print shown left is titled 'View from Douglas Head', and is reproduced from ‘A Manx Note Book’ edited by Francis Coakley 


(image reproduced with kind permission of the Editor of A Manx Note Book)


View from Douglas Head - dated c.1850 as shows St Thomas's (with its intended but never built spire), the houses on left are Fort Anne (showing only the left wing, the central block is in shadow and the right wing obscured) & Falcon Cliff (then home of Edward Downes), Harold Tower is I think off the view to the left. The old courthouse is I think visible at the end of the red pier (dating it thus pre 1860) - if the identification of the spire is that of St Thomas's then probably dates c. 1848/9 during building work as non-erection of broach spire known post 1850.


Inscription R. G. Adamthwaite Del & Scult.



Richard Greaves Adamthwaite was born about 1823 in Salford, the son of Thomas Adamthwaite (a tailor) and Catalina (possibly Greaves),and was living in Salford in the 1841, 1851 and 1861 census, in 1841 he was an engravers apprentice, in 1861 he gives his occupation as 'artist (painting and engraving)' - there is no census sighting post 1861, nor have we discovered a death record for him.  However he did report his mother’s death in 1863 at which time he was living at 4 Entwistle Street in Salford.




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