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Ten Adamthwaite lines

TEN adamthwaite lines summaries

Originally, we identified nine lines of Adamthwaites.  Quite early on, we established that two of the lines (the ORANGE line and the PINK line) are actually branches of larger lines, but we have left them as separate lines as both moved right away from their original line.


However, as a result of our DNA Project, in Oct 2013 we discovered that one branch of the OLIVE line is actually NOT connected - we have renamed this branch the TEAL line. I am in the process of updating all our spreadsheets to reflect this change.  DNA has also now confirmed that the YELLOW, BLUE and the new TEAL line all share a common ADAMTHWAITE ancestor - though we still have to locate written records to identify who he was!


yDNA has also demonstrated a mistake in our belief that the ORANGE line was a branch of the VIOLET line - this now seems NOT to be the case ... the Orange line has a different origin altogether. (you can click on the table below to view a larger version)

The above colour coding is used to identify the Adamthwaite line on all entries in the UK Birth, Marriage and Death spreadsheets and also the Census spreadsheets and various lists of individuals such as 'Adamthwaites in Uniform'



These reconstructed lines do not go all the way back to the earliest Adamthwaites, but we have still managed to learn a lot about the earlier history of the Adamthwaites ... to find out more, read the next section about the


History of the Adamthwaites