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DNA migration maps

To date, we have received yDNA test results for nine male Adamthwaite volunteers - these indicate that six members belong to haplogroup R-M269 and three belong to the haplogroup E-M78.


You may be interested in these Migration maps, reproduced from FamilyTreeDNA's website:

Haplogroup R-M269 - OLIVE line 1a and 1c, GREY lines 2 & 3b, VIOLET line 5 and BLUE line 1

Haplogroup E-M78 - YELLOW line 2c, BLUE line 2 and TEAL line

R1b1b2 migration map

Haplogroup R-M269 journeyed into Europe from Central Asia about 25,000 years ago, then spread and multiplied  until its lineages can be found throughout Europe, it is particularly frequent around the Atlantic coastal areas of Western Europe and the Western parts of Ireland and Britain.

Haplogroup E-M78 had its origins in East Africa where it spread amongst the North and West African populations, and is believed to have arrived in Europe via two routes - either via the Middle East or directly from North Africa.  Only a small percentage of Britain's population to this group (~2%) and there are various theories as to how they arrived - see the article on Dienekes' Anthropology blog about this haplogroup

E M78 migration map
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