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Early Adamthwaites of Sedbergh & Ravenstonedale

This chart is VERY speculative, and is based on available parish register information together with details from the published Wills and information from tenancy records.  The chart shows the possible origins of the VIOLET, ORANGE and YELLOW lines.


Most helpful in the production of the SEDBERGH section of this chart has been the will of William of Holebeck in Frostrow (d1696), who most considerately named all his children and said where they lived! They in turn all made wills, which clarified a number of relationships.  But the biggest headache was with the will of Thomas of Adamthwaite who died in 1739 and made bequests to many nephews, nieces, cousins etc in both Sedbergh and Ravenstonedale - the breakthrough came with the realisation that he had originally been Thomas of Sedbergh, only becoming Thomas of Adamthwaite when he married Syball Adamthwaite of Ravenstonedale, who had just inherited one of the properties at Adamthwaite on the death of her father John of Adamthwaite in 1690.


The rest of the Ravenstonedale Adamthwaites are proving much more difficult to put into chart form, as it seems that many records are missing.  It is possible that many of these families were Dissenters.  There are also very many more Adamthwaites in Ravenstonedale in the 16th and 17th centuries, with at least five Adamthwaite families having children (often with the same christian names) when the Ravenstonedale records begin in the 1570s.  It should also be remembered that there were four farmhouses located at Adamthwaite in those days, at some times it appears there were at least two of the farms occupied by separate Adamthwaite families.  


All comments and criticisms will be most welcome!

this is a very wide chart - you will need to enlarge the size of the image, then scroll across and down to view the whole of it (approx. 50 inches wide)

WARNING ... please DO NOT include relationships from this chart in any online family tree!  I am already aware of some errors in the current version and am working on amending it - but as I keep saying, it is SPECULATIVE and there is insufficient evidence to confirm the relationships between the different families.

I have just discovered that the attachment refuses to load ... please bear with me while I find another way to produce an acceptable format for this particular tree!!

Sue 19 apr 2022

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