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Transcriptions of Adamthwaite Wills and Administrations

The linked pages provide either full transcriptions or abstracts of the Will or Administration, together with notes explaining the identity of the testator (and often the other persons mentioned in the document)

Adamthwait, Thomas, York City, 5 May 1593 - we still need to locate this Will or Administration

Edward Adamthwaite of Uckerby, Yorks, weaver, Will written in 1600 and proved in 1602

Addamthwait, Elizabeth and Thomas, York, Caveat agst Adm., City 9 Nov 1604 - we still need to locate this document

Adamthwaite, Elizabeth Thomas and Katherine, City of York 8 nov 1605 (ref from Index to the Administration Acts taken fromthe Act Books) - we still need to locate this Will or Administration

John Adamthwaite of Maldon, Essex, woollen draper, buried 12 December 1625 All Saints, Maldon

Frances Adamthwaite of St Giles without Cripplegate, London, widow of Richard Adamthwaite, plaisterer. Written in 1682 and proved in 1684.

William Adamthwaite of Holeback in the parish of Sedbergh, husbandman, buried 8 oct 1696 - Will, Bond and Inventory

William Adamthwaite of Garsdalerigg in Frostrow, buried 17 apr 1699 - Inventory and Bond

William Adamthwaite of Ravenstonedale, deceased ~1700 - Bond requiring Elizabeth, Thomas and Ann to fulfil requirements of will (dated 1700)

William Adamthwaite, carpenter of Hounslow, Middlesex, deceased 1701 - William was the son of Thomas Adamthwaite of Ravenstonedale who was apprenticed in London in 1668.  His first marriage was to Susannah Haies, in St Olave Silver Street, following her death he moved to Hounslow and married Mary, with whom he had numerous daughters

John Adamthwaite of Stenneskew, deceased ~1707 - Bond requiring Mary Adamthwait to fulfil requirements of will (dated 1707) also image of original document

Edmund Adamthwaite of Mosse in the parish of Sedbergh, yeoman, buried 5 oct 1715, Will, Bond and inventory

James Adamthwaite of Grisedale deceased ~1716, Inventory and Bond

John Adamthwaite of Hallbank (senior), buried 1720, Inventory and Will

John Adamthwaite of Hallbank (junior), Sedbergh, deceased ~1728 - Will and Indenture setting out responsibilities of trustees (dated 1728)

Thomas Adamthwaite of Adamthwaite, deceased 1739 - Will, written in 1737 and Indenture confirming transfer of property bequeathed (dated 1740)

William Adamthwaite of Cowgill Kirthwaite in Dent, yeoman deceased ~1749 - Will and Inventory

William Adamthwaite of Adamthwaite, deceased 1756 - Will (dated 1756), Inventory and Bond requiring Agnes Adamthwaite to fulfil requirements of will 

Thomas Adamthwaite of Hallbank in Frostrow, deceased 1768 - Will and inventory

William Adamthwaite of Branthwaites in Frostrow, deceased 1776 - Will and Bond

John Adamthwaite of Moss in Frostrow, deceased 1776 - Will and Bond

Agnes Adamthwaite of Hallbank, deceased 1780 - Will and Bond

Thomas Adamthwaite of Hallbank, Sedbergh, deceased 1798 - will

Deborah Adamthwaite of Settlebeck, deceased 1803 - Admon, Bond and Requisition

Reverend William Adamthwaite of Hallbank, Sedbergh - Will written in 1804 - he did not die until 1826 and we do not have any record of the probate of his will

John Adamthwaite, schoolmaster of Bowes - deceased in 1817 - Will proved in 1818

Reverend John Adamthwaite of Baddesley Ensor, deceased 1819 - Will (now with a corrected transcription)

William Adamthwaite of Shap, deceased 1836 - Will

Reverend John Adamthwaite  of Winton, deceased 1839 - Will

Reverend William Adamthwaite of West Stockwith, Nottingham, deceased 1849 - Will

John Adamthwaite of Johnsons Plain, Stainmore, deceased 1850 - Will

John Allen Adamthwaite of Peckham Rye, gentleman, deceased 1850 - Will 

William Vipond Adamthwaite, gentleman, deceased 1872 - Will 

Charles Adamthwaite - Will dated 1884 (revoked in 1897) with a link to his final Will, with three codicils, which was proved following his eventual death in 1926.