Stennerskeugh is a collection of farm houses to the east of Ravenstonedale and the old road from Kirkby Stephen to Sedbergh used to pass over Stennerskeugh bridge.  It is mentioned in the Ravenstonedale parish records several times in connection with Adamthwaites, and we have a will for a John Adamthwaite of Stennerskeugh.  It is close to Street where the Friends Meeting House used to be.



1. Stennerskeugh Bridge

2. sheep on the packhorse bridge - this is part of the old road that used to run through Fell End, linking most of the properties in this part of the parish - and seems to have been known as 'Street'

3-5. three views of the remains of Hwith House - built by John Hewetson (don't know when?) but demolished in 1926 though the gates still remain!

6, 7.  Street at Stennerskeugh

8. High Stennerskeugh

9. Low Stennerskeugh




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photos from around Stennerskeugh

Stennerskaugh bridge
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sheep on packhorse bridge on old road
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Hwith Manor
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Hwith Manor 2
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gates to Hwith Manor
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stennerskeugh bob
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street at Stennerskeugh
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street near Stennerskeugh
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high stennerskaugh
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low stennerskeugh bob
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