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"The website IS the one-name study!"



Have you been helped by the information on this site?  If you would like to contribute to the cost of our DNA project, just £10 would help towards the cost of DNA kits!

DNA - how you can help

HURRY! check if you are eligible for one of our

FREE DNA test kits

to check if you are eligible for one of the remaining FREE test kits, please email me at adamthwaite @  and tell me the names and approximate birth years of your father, grandfather, etc.

If you are male and your surname is Adamthwaite (or if you have a different surname but believe you are descended from a male Adamthwaite through the male line),we would like to encourage you to join our Project as a volunteer.  Before you do so, however, please read the background information which addresses some common fears and misunderstandings.  Hopefully, this will encourage you to volunteer to take a DNA test to represent your branch of the Adamthwaites.  The test kit would be posted directly to your home and involves using a simple mouth swab, which you return by post to the testing company.  We are able to offer a contribution towards the cost of the test from the Adamthwaite General Fund.  The results of your test would be used solely for genealogical purposes and you will not be identified by name in any analysis published on this or any other website.  


If you do not meet the criteria to take the test yourself, but you know a man who could - perhaps you could act as an Ambassador for the Adamthwaite study and tell them about our study and ask them if they would agree to take the test?  


If you are not in a position to either take the test yourself, or persuade anyone else to do so - you can still help us by making a small financial contribution to the Adamthwaite General Fund, so that we can offer subsidised DNA tests to potential candidates.  The greater the amount of sponsorship we can offer, the more likely we are to recruit volunteers to join the testing programme.


Please take a look at the notes and charts for each of the different lines, which are regularly updated to show the lines where we are still looking for one or more volunteers  - and please get in touch if you think you can help in any way 


These are the lines where we need to find volunteers:

VIOLET line - we have identified five main branches of this line, although we only know of living male Adamthwaites in four of those branches, probably all in the UK, we have only been able to test a descendant of one branch - as this is the oldest line we have traced back using traditional genealogical methods, we are particularly keen to find another volunteer to represent this line

YELLOW line - we believe there are still living male Adamthwaites in four branches of this line, mostly living in the UK - we now have test results from one volunteer from this line and are anxious to compare them with volunteers from different branches of the YELLOW line.

ORANGE line - we believe there is only one branch of this line which still has living male Adamthwaites, located in the USA - we would very much like to be able to confirm our belief that this line is a branch of the VIOLET line

TEAL line - this newly discovered line has one main branch, with two minor branches - one which emigrated to Australia and one which remained in England.  We have tested a descendant of the Australian branch but do not believethere are any living descendants of the English one. (chart to follow shortly)

GREY line - we know of two branches of this line with living male descendants - one branch in Canada and one in Australia.  There is a small possibility that there could still be male Adamthwaite descendants from one of the UK branches of this line.  We have received test results from our volunteers from both the Canadian branch and the Australian branch and I am pleased to report that they match in 36 out of 37 markers.

BLUE line - we know of two branches of this line with living male descendants and for some time we have had a suspicion that the BLUE line may have links with the YELLOW line.  I am very pleased to report that during December 2012, TWO volunteers, one from each of the main branches, volunteered to take DNA tests.  The first set of results confirmed our suspicions about the link between the BLUE and YELLOW lines and also reveal both lines are connected to the TEAL line.  The second set of results did NOT match the first set - but some detailed sleuthing revealed that the tester's Adamthwaite ancestor was in fact changed his name to Adamthwaite when his mother remarried.  So we would welcome another tester from another descendant of this branch.

PINK, LIGHT GREEN and TURQUOISE lines - as far as we are aware, there are no longer any living male Adamthwaite descendants of any of these lines.  However, if you know of one, please get in touch as soon as possible.


Some  notes on viewing the DNA descendancy charts:  the charts were produced using Legacy Charting and were saved in .pdf format.  Some of the charts are very wide - so you will need to maximise the size of the image to 100% on your Adobe Reader taskbar, then scroll to the right and down to view all sections of the chart.  In accordance with our privacy policy, no living individuals are shown.