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24 feb 2022

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Adamthwaite Archive

"The website IS the one-name study!"




From the 1850s onwards, Adamthwaite individuals and families also emigrated to the New World, probably in search of employment.  You can discover more about these adventurers on the following spreadsheet (which has been re-organised to show all journeys to and from the UK in date order)  

Adamthwaites in Passenger Lists (updated Aprl 2014)

An interactive version of the above map is available on Google maps with information about each individual or family's migration.  CLICK HERE to be taken to Google maps - you will probably need to adjust the zoom level to view details. You can click on each flag to see who travelled to each location and when.

Adamthwaite migration doc

And a question I would like to investigate further ....

From the early beginnings in a small corner of the north west of England, described in the 'History' section and in more detail in the article about Adamthwaite Farm, the Adamthwaites spread out over the centuries -


The following pages and tables show how the Adamthwaites spread across the country from Ravenstonedale and Sedbergh, you can also see maps showing the distribution of Adamthwaites in each year of the England and Wales census

And if you would like to look beyond the basic facts shown on the passenger lists, read the moving stories of some of the young men who emigrated from Westmorland to Australia in the Miscellany section under 'Quambatook' and 'Letters from Home'; or the mystery surrounding descendants of one influential family who turned up in America in 'a Tale of Tragedy, Bigamy and Intrigue'

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