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Thank you to Bob, Graham and Richard for submitting these photos.



photos 1 - 4    photos from Bob

1. Bob's parents, Charles Frederick Adamthwaite and his wife Alice (Brown).  

2. Bob's grandparents, Charles Frederick Adamthwaite (senior) and his wife Florence Woodroofe.  

3. Florence Woodroofe

4. Bob says: this is a picture of my grandmother Florence, which was probably taken in the 1950's when she used to accompany the old folk on trips to the seaside. I clearly remember my grandmother saying, " Oh, we had a lovely week in Yarmouth, good food and nice beds... only one of them died!" She looked after people who were younger than she was and yet she always referred to them as "The old people I look after". In pre-war days she was the "sage femme" of Kensal Rise and looked after ladies in their confinement and did the 'laying out' of the departed. She often remarked that "Mrs. So & So" looked very peaceful and beautiful when they buried her. I remember her as a very caring and loving grandmother who was proud of all her grandchildren.


photos 5 - 14   these were sent in by Graham and Phyllis and they illustrate a particularly complicated relationship between the Adamthwaite family and the New family - in fact, it may help to refer to Chart 5 of the YELLOW line family trees to view alongside this set of photos!:


  • Edward Adamthwaite (seen in photo 8), who was born in 1851, the son of Abraham Adamthwaite and Rebecca (Blewitt)  married Susan Bosher (photo 12) in 1873.  Three of their daughters married three NEW brothers, and their son Edward jr married his cousin Eleanor

  • Eliza Adamthwaite (photo 5), married Edwin New (photo 6) in 1894

  • Ellen Adamthwaite married James New in 1906, and photo 10 shows them with their four children - looking at the photo standing left is ; Ellen Elizabeth ( Nell ); standing to her right is Edward James; at the back is Henry Ernest  ( Harry ); seated with her Mother is Rose Eleanor.  Tragically James never saw his children grow up as a few years after this photo was taken he was killed at sea on 7 July 1917 in the Great War.

  • Alice Maude Adamthwaite married Ernest New in 1905 (photo 9)

  • Edward jr Adamthwaite (photo 7)  married his cousin Eleanor Adamthwaite (dau of Charles and Ann (Lingley).


Photo 8 shows Edward Adamthwaite holding his granddaughter Peggy; the two girls standing left are Rose Eleanor and Ellen Elizabeth NEW and on the far right is the children's mother Ellen.


Photo 11 shows Eleanor Adamthwaite holding her daughter Peggy with her two cousins Harry and Ted.


Photo 13  This photo was on a postcard sent to Miss Ella Adamthwaite and signed 'Alice'.  It may be a photo of the children of Susan Adamthwaite and George Horatio Purdy (one of whom was named Alice).  Please contact us if you can identify the children.....MYSTERY SOLVED!  We now know (thank you Mike) that this photo was taken in about 1911 and shows Alice Ellen and Ernest Charles - the children of Alice Maud (Adamthwaite) and Ernest NEW.  They would have been aged about 4 and 1 at the time the photo was taken.


Photo 14   This is another mystery photo - believed to be either an Adamthwaite or possibly a Bosher.  Can you help?


Photo 15   Here is a later photo of Bob's parents: Charles Frederick Adamthwaite and Alice Maria Brown, who married in 1926 (see also photo 1)


Photo 16  This image shows Lance Sgt Stanley William Adamthwaite (1919-1995) son of Cyril Ernest Adamthwaite and Bessie (Young).  During WWII he served in Italy and North Africa and was mentioned in despatches (photo and info from GJ)


Photo 17  This is Susan Adamthwaite - the sister of Eliza. Ellen and Alice Maude who married the three New brothers. (photo from Graham and Phyllis)

Susan was born in 1875 and married George Horatio Purdy in 1895 in Greenwich, she spent most of her married life in Norwich and died there in 1940.


Photo 18 This photo of Charles James Adamthwaite (1881-1971) and his wife Ellen Emma Lyall (~1888-1961) who married in 1906, was sent in by Richard.  Charles James, who was named Frederick Charles James on his birth certificate, was the son of James Adamthwaite and Louisa Weston.



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