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"The website IS the one-name study!"



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Photo Gallery ... people and places


PLACES - including descriptions from an 1842 topographical dictionary

VIOLET gallery            YELLOW gallery          ORANGE gallery         OLIVE gallery               PINK gallery          

GREY gallery               BLUE gallery                 TEAL gallery            TURQUOISE gallery     mystery photos


If you would like images of your Adamthwaite ancestors included on these pages, please email JPEG images to the webmaster, together with a description of the people or places depicted. (We don't yet have any photos of members of the Light Green line ... can you help fill this gap?

Following the migration of the website to an HTML version in early January, all the photo galleries were lost.  I have now reinstated them BUT if you spot an error please do let me know (it was quite fiddly ensuring that the images all appeared in the same order as the descriptions!

- Sue, 20 Jan 2016

around                          around                           around                        around                          view from

Ravenstonedale            Sedbergh and               Stennerskeugh           Winton                          the top of Winder


around                        around

Bentham                     Quambatook

If YOU have a collection of photographs of other places associated with the Adamthwaites, I should be delighted to include them here.

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