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"The website IS the one-name study!"



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Website design notes

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The first version of the Adamthwaite Archive started life in early 2006 as a few pages tacked on to the end of my own family history website.  It was a very amateur affair, only shared with a few other Adamthwaite researchers.  However, as the Adamthwaite mailing list on grew, and as more people found the website through search engines, more and more information was added.  As a result, the website expanded (just like Topsy!) until it became necessary to transfer the whole site to a new url of its very own.


Version two moved to the current url in August 2007.  It still followed the original design and was still constructed with Microsoft Frontpage - however, with the increased volumes of data, particularly on the pages showing births, marriages and deaths, upload time was a problem.  There were also the usual difficulties associated with sites built with Frontpage - such as incompatibility with some browsers.  Also the time taken to update some of the pages meant that instant corrections were not always possible.


Version three was loaded up over the course of several months onto a hosted site at and transferred to the original url in January 2009.  Although the new design requires the use of Flash Player, the advantages of speed of uploading and consistency with all browsers were considered worth the change.  And now I can make corrections and add pages whenever necessary; all that I need is a connection to the internet.


Hopefully, the extended use of pdf files to present the data spreadsheets and many of the large format files will not cause problems to any users.  It remains to be seen how long it will take Google and other search engines to trawl the new pages, as now only the Welcome page has the same url as the old site.  The Moonfruit Sitemaker also provides other possible tools that we may decide to use in the future - such as blogs, and member-only pages.  I can't really see us needing the video facilities, but you never know!


Well that was what I wrote back in 2009 - but technology progresses apace and now many people seem to research on mobile tablets and the like, so we had to move on too ....


Version four (Jan 2016) I migrated the site to the HTML Version 6 of Sitemaker, so that the site would be accessible on mobile devices and also in order that an archive version can be created on the Guild of One-name Studies web server. This alone has reassured me that all the research we have now gathered about Adamthwaites around the world is assured of a permanent place on the internet, that will remain available to all future Adamthwaites long after I have become one of the statistics!  As soon as the Guild Archive version is up and running I will put the url on this website, though while I am able, continuous updates will be made to this 'live' site with the Guild version being synced several times a year until such time as it becomes a 'Legacy' site, waiting for a new, enthusiastic successor to take over where I left off.


The migration to V6 caused some formatting problems on almost all the pages (I THINK I have now corrected all of these) and also the loss of some features such as the photo galleries and various forms which I have replaced with compatible versions.  


I would very much welcome your comments on the new design; and in particular I hope that you will tell me of any difficulties you experience in viewing any pages, images or files.  On the previous version, we had a rolling comments list, but this doesn't seem to be possible with this version.  You can view screengrabs of the earlier comments by clicking the thumbnails on the left, and use the Contact form to let me know your views on this version!


I am still in the process of checking that the pages all view correctly on an iPad - but I do not have access to any Android tablets ... please could I ask anyone who does use any other type of tablet to take a look at a selection of pages and let me know if they display correctly? (it helps if you include the url of specific pages that have problems)


As always, contributions of photos, stories, memories are very welcome, as are corrections or additional information to any of the data spreadsheets (but it would be easier for members to email me directly with these).


Happy hunting!


Sue Mastel

website coordinator