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Thank you to Sue, Alan, Joan, Moya, Tricia, Ann and others for photographs in this section.



These photos all show members of the branch of the OLIVE line, which is descended from William Adamthwaite and Sarah Mason of Brough.  


Photo 1  William and Sarah's son James Adamthwaite married Ann Carter and moved to Crook in Co Durham in the 1870s.

photo 2   James and Ann's son Fred who was killed in WWI

photo 3   James and Ann's son John Thomas and his wife Mary Jane Johns

photo 4   Hetty and Edward, children of John Thomas - outside the house in Crook and Billy Row where many of this line lived

photo 5  James and Ann's daughter Mary Isabella Adamthwaite with husband James Green and their first three children Jack, Moya and Jim

photo 6  James and Mary Isabella (Adamthwaite) Green at Blackpool

photo 7  James and Mary Isabella's daughters Mary and Moya

photo 8  Mary Isabella with granddaughter Sue (that's me!) and daughter Mary


Now we travel off to Australia ...

photo 9  William Adamthwaite was another son of William and Sarah (Mason).  He too moved to Co Durham in the 1870s, but then he emigrated to Australia and New Zealand where he was married, first to Alice Holmes then to Mary Jane Houghton

photo 10 - William and Mary Jane (Houghton)

photo 11  shows Wm and Mary Jane and some of their children.  William was a very keen gardener and also kept a greenhouse

photo 12 - another photo of William

photo 13 - William's family in their extensive garden

photo 14 - William in his greenhouse

photo 15  William and Mary Jane's son Francis with his wife Janet Ruddy

photo 16  Hazel and Joan, daughters of Francis and Janet

photo 17  Albert (known as Sol), son of William and Mary Jane

photo 18  Lily May, dau of William and Mary Jane

photo 19  Mildred, dau of Francis and Janet


back in England again ...

photo 20  Shows Richard (centre), a son of James and Ann Carter with his daughter Edith Jane and her husband Albert Buckingham.

photo 21  this wedding photo includes six of Richard Adamthwaite's children: (from left) - Mary Isabelle, George William, Edith Jane, bride and groom, Dora May, Richard and Amelia

photos 22,23  show Richard Adamthwaite's son George William Adamthwaite

photo 24 shows the wedding of Richard's daughter Mary Isabelle (known as Belle) and Moya has very helpfully identified almost all of those attending (contact me for further info)

photo 25  is a most interesting photo, which was in the 'Mystery Photos' until he was identified.  This photo brings together some members of the Australian and the English branches of William and Sarah (Mason)'s  descendants.  The Australian soldier on the left is George Adamthwaite, a son of William and Mary Jane (Houghton), who had been sent back to blighty to recuperate from war wounds.  Before returning to the front in France, he visited his cousins in Co Durham, and this photo shows Richard Adamthwaite (son of James and Ann) on the far right, together with a close family friend Billy Collins

photo 26   John Thomas and Mary Jane's son Edward Adamthwaite's marriage to Miriam Fox (from left: John Thomas and MaryJane Adamthwaite, Henrietta, Edward, Miriam, not known (probably Miriam's family)





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