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Thank you to Elizabeth and others for photographs in this section.



photos 1 - 12 These photos all show members of the Australian branch of the TEAL line which is descended from Joseph Adamthwaite (photo 1) who emigrated to Australia and married Emma Smith (photo 2).  They were taken from the Centenary publication about the Quambatook Adamthwaites and you can read more about this whole branch in the article in the Miscellany section 'Quambatook' and also read letters sent to Joseph and Emma from their mother and sister back home in England in 'Letters from home'

photos 3 - 11 show the children of Joseph and Emma:

photo 3  Annie Adamthwaite

photo 4  Edmund Adamthwaite at his marriage to Ellen Gulley

photo 5  Frances Mary Adamthwaite (known as May)

photo 6  Arthur Adamthwaite

photo 7  Frederick Adamthwaite and his wife Lucy Bound

photo 8  Holderness Adamthwaite - he was killed in 1917 in WWI

photo 9  Isabelle Adamthwaite at her marriage to Frederick Kerrison

photo 10  Josephine Adamthwaite and her husband Herbert Plant

photo 11  Olive Adamthwaite

photo 12  Alf Adamthwaite, son of Edmund and Ellen

photo 13  Alf riding a cow

photo 14  Fred and Edmund during the harvest

photo 15  Fred, May and Edmund


the next few photos show descendants of Joseph's brother John Adamthwaite, who married Sarah Nicholson - their family also emigrated to Australia (this branch is sometimes known as the 'Beaufort Adamthwaites) - some of these photos were sent in by Lorraine:


photo 16 Joseph Nicholson Adamthwaite (1875-1944) in Ararat.

photo 17 is John Adamthwaite (1820-1900) son of Edmund and Ann Stout.  He married Sarah Nicholson in 1846 and the couple sailed to Australia in 1857 on the 'White Star'.  He and his family were farmers in Victoria, living in the Beaufort area at Waterloo.

photo 18 shows John's wife Sarah (Nicholson) with two of their children.  Sarah was born in 1827 in Crosby Ravensworth, she died in 1883

photo 19 is Christopher Adamthwaite, one of John and Sarah's children and the first to be born after their arrival in Beaufort (b. 1858 - died 1937

photo 20 shows Emily (Newling), who married Christopher in 1884

photo 21 is Eva Maude Adamthwaite,  one of Christopher and Emily's children, who was born in 1902.  Eva married Gordon Brown in 1924.



photo 22  is the memorial stone to Joseph Adamthwaite who died in Quambatook in 1905 aged 71 years

photo 23 is the memorial stone to Edmund, Albert and May

photo 24  is the World War One Memorial Board in Quambatook - with Holderness Adamthwaite appearing first on the list, with an asterisk indicating he was one of a number of Australian servicemen who made the ultimate sacrifice


Not all the Teal line of Adamthwaites ended up in Australia -

photo 25 is John Adamthwaite Hutchinson (1853-1919), who was a grandson of Hannah Adamthwaite who married Richard Burrell

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