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We hold various documents relating to deceased Adamthwaites, all of which have provided useful details to assist in reconstructing our family lines.  The Deaths spreadsheets (see BMD records) include notes indicating where we have such documents.


WILLS, etc: (1593-1884) we hold a growing collection of pre-1858 Wills, Letters of Administration, Bonds and Inventories, which have proved invaluable in confirming family relationships for early Adamthwaites.  The linked page provides details of information held - copies are available on request to descendants of testators named. 


INDEX TO WILLS AND LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION (1858-1980) FROM THE PROBATE CALENDAR: although we hold very few later Wills, this index should prove useful to anyone interested in obtaining such documents from the Probate Record Office for their own research


DEATH DUTY INDEX: (1798-1924)  (details of all entries found on the National Archives Index IR27 to Adamthwaite Death Duty records, plus a summary of the details from IR26 for those entries viewed to date.  In a number of cases, the Death Duty Index provides information about the location of wills and administrations that we have not yet managed to obtain.  If you are visiting the Records Offices at Carlisle, Chester or York, we would be most grateful  if you are able to hunt down any of these missing Wills.


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