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One of the main aims of the members of the Adamthwaite mailing list has been to reconstruct our family trees to discover how all the Adamthwaite individuals relate to one another.  The method used is described on the 'Colour Coding' page.  You can use the NAME INDEX to help you find which Family Tree chart should contain your ancestor (this is a pdf file showing all the individuals mentioned in the birth records for the UK, Australia, Canada and USA - you will need to scroll down through all the pages).


Our DNA Project is helping to confirm the accuracy of the trees we have reconstructed (we have already had to make some adjustments to the original family trees as a result!) - and also helping us to understand if and how the different trees are linked.

Many of the family trees attached in this section are VERY wide - all are 'zipped' files, so you will need to open them with a suitable application.  In most cases, only the earliest members of the family line are shown - some of the charts indicate that more recent descendants are contained in additional charts, which I have NOT included as they may include living people.  But if you belong to the family in question, you can contact me and I can forward you a copy of the follow-on section which includes your ancestors.




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