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These are the only clues we have so far as to the identity of those shown above:


photo 1  This photo was found tucked in the back of a photoframe containing an image of Bob's parents  wedding (YELLOW line) - so it could be an Adamthwaite family or could show some of Alice Maria Brown's family the Prentices.  There is a number written on the top of the photo which looks like a telephone number - it says 'Greenford 3697'.  The man's photo has been added in and possibly also that of the older child.


photo 2 This young lady is probably from Brough in Westmorland, so may belong to either the GREY line or the OLIVE GREEN line as we know that members of these lines lived in Brough.


photos 3 and 4  We believe these are descendants of Wm McEver Adamthwaite of the VIOLET line


photo 5  I found this one amongst my own collection inherited from my dad - which means it could be an OLIVE Adamthwaite (or it could be a Snary!)  the only clue is that the photographer was Henry Bown, who operated in South London between 1877 and 1908


photos 6 and 7 these two photos were found amongst a collection belonging to an ORANGE line descendant who lives in America, and both were labelled 'Aunt Kate' however, we don't know whether the woman depicted is an Adamthwaite or if she is a sister of Mary Glynn who married Mark Adamthwaite. Although we know that Mark and Mary Adamthwaite did have a daughter named Kate, she became a nun at quite a young age. Can you help identify her or perhaps offer a suggestion as to WHEN the photo might have been taken?


photo 8 I am now sure that this photo shows Mark Adamthwaite senior (1859 - 1948), in his WWII uniform of the 1st Quebec Regiment, even though it was actually labelled 'William Adamthwaite and sister' - because Mark is known to have gone by the name William on occasions (you need to read the story 'Tragedy, Bigamy and Intrigue' in the Miscellany Section to read all about Mark's deceptions!).  We think the older lady seated on the left is his sister-in-law Alice (Turnpenny) wife of Mark's brother Thomas Bryan Adamthwaite, and the younger woman standing next to her is probably her daughter Alice Annie. We know that Mark visited Alice in Brixton on a visit to London after the war.  But who is the taller woman standing with her arm on Mark's shoulder?


photo 9  Finally this super group photo was also amongst the collection of American ORANGE line photos - but we have no ideas at all about who these languid gentlemen could be.  Any ideas anyone?


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Mystery photos

If you recognise any of the photos shown below, please contact us to tell us who they are.  And if you have any mystery photos of your own, send them in, together with any clues you may have as to who they might be, and we will add them ot this page.

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