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TEAL line family tree

We originally thought that this line was part of the OLIVE GREEN line - but when we received a set of yDNA results from a descendant of Joseph Adamthwaite and Emma Smith we realised that we had married Thomas (son of John Adamthwaite and Isabel Keasley of the OLIVE line) to Mary Pearson instead of to Anne Fawcett.  


But we do not have a record of the birth of Thomas Adamthwaite, husbandman of Winton, who married Mary Pearson in 1774 - though we believe Thomas was born in around 1851.  


Mary was the sister of the Rev Joseph Pearson - and his influence clearly had some bearing on the future of three of Thomas and Mary's sons who all became clergymen.


Three of Thomas's grandsons emigrated to Australia - Christopher, John and Joseph - the latter two raising large families who are still present in Australia today.


We do know that the TEAL line shares a common Adamthwaite ancestor with both the YELLOW line and the BLUE line - though we still have a lot of work to undertake to identify exactly who that was!  

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