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Censuses in England, Scotland and Wales

Census data

USA and Canadian Censuses

Censuses taken in the USA  (this pdf is 2 pages long)

Censuses taken in Canada  (this pdf is 1 page long)

Identifying Adamthwaites in the USA and Canadian censuses has proved far more difficult that in the England, Scotland and Wales censuses.  In the USA there a several individuals that we know should be there, but, despite trying all sorts of possible spellings, we have been unable to locate them.


So far, there are very few sightings of Adamthwaites in the Canadian censuses.  All contributions of information will be greatly appreciated.

Electoral rolls in Australia

Adamthwaites in Electoral Rolls 1901 - 1930 (this pdf is 3 pages long)

In the absence of any census data for Australia, the electoral rolls provide some information about where families were living and their occupations.  However, bear in mind that only adults of voting age are shown, and also the years available vary from State to State.  I have also added columns at the far right of the Births in Australia spreadsheet, indicating which years' electoral rolls I have found each individual.

An attempt has been made to identify all the Adamthwaites who appear in the censuses of England,  Wales and Scotland taken in 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911 and all available censuses in USA and Canada, plus electoral rolls in Australia.  This has proved a more difficult task than you would imagine, due to the highly imaginative ways in which the name 'Adamthwaite' has been transcribed!


The tables on the linked pages show the names as transcribed by Ancestry, so if you are searching that site for any of the entries, make sure you spell the surname as it has been transcribed, errors and all. IMPORTANT NOTE: These are big files, so may take some time to download on dial-up connections, please be patient.  You can enlarge the size of each table with the magnification tool on the Adobe reader browser.  Most of the tables spread over three or four pages, so you will need to scroll down and across.


On all tables (except those for USA and Canada), the colour scheme adopted is an attempt to group members of each of the known lines of the Adamthwaite families together, using the system described here (unshaded families have not been allocated to any branch yet - if YOU know where they belong, please let me know):


The Migration section includes distribution maps for the incidence of Adamthwaites in the England and Wales censuses, and also an analysis of the spread of Adamthwaites from their origins in the North-West of the country to other counties.  This is based on the number of births registered and the earliest birth in each county.