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The first batch of photos were provided by  Mary, Marlene and Phyllis - thank you.


Photo 1 is a portrait of John Allen Adamthwaite, Notary Public (b 1795), son of Thomas Adamthwaite and Lucy (Vipond).

Photos 2 and 3 show James Theophilus Adamthwaite, one of John Allen Adamthwaite's sons

Photo 4 is John Alexander Adamthwaite with his three children Laddie, Lionel and Lucy

photos 5-7 show John Alexander's wife Leeanna (Fairey)

photo 8 shows Leeanna with daughter Lucy and granddaughter Joan

photos 9 and 10 are of Laddie, and photo 11 shows his memorial

photos 12-15 are of Lionel Willie and his baptism certificate

photos 16 - 23  show Lucy,  and/or her husband Percy Mawson


The next batch of photos were provided by Donna and are all of Mark Adamthwaite's family - thank you Donna:


photo 24 shows two elder daughters of Mark and Mary (Glynn) - Mary Ann and Kate (after she became a nun known as Sister Marion) it was taken in 1943

photos 25 -27 are of Mark Adamthwaite junior

photo 28 is of Mary Glynn - first wife of Mark Adamthwaite

photo 29 is of Sister Marion dated 1953

photo 30 is an unknown group of gentlemen - but it was amongst a group of photos belonging to one of Mark's descendants, so could include one or more members of the ORANGE line of Adamthwaites - do you recognise anyone?

photo 31 was labelled 'William Adamthwaite and sister' but we are now confident it is actually Mark Adamthwaite, probably with his sister in law Alice (wife of Thomas Bryan Adamthwaite), along with Alice's daughter and an as yet unidentified younger woman.

photo 32 is believed to show Mark Adamthwaite senior

photo 33 we think this is Mark and Mary's daughter Rose

photo 34 this is probably Mark Adamthwaite senior (though it was labelled William)

photo 35 shows Mary Glynn in later life


You can read about members of the ORANGE line of Adamthwaites in two articles in the Miscellany Section:

the early members of the ORANGE line are detailed in 'A Tale of Tragedy, Bigamy and Intrigue'

John Alexander's family are described in 'Leeanna's story' which is written by Lucy's granddaughter but which is based on research carried out by Lucy Adamthwaite herself in the mid 20th century




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