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latest updates

The website is regularly updated with newly discovered information and also with corrections and amendments contributed by members of our Adamthwaite mailing list.

The updates for the past few years are shown below:

Jun 2022 - more broken links identified and mended

Mar 2022 - all Wills uploaded

Mar 2022 - all Family Trees updated

Mar 2022 - Miscellany article about Thomas Garratt updated

Mar 2022 - completed updating all Miscellany articles 

Feb 2022 - started making corrections to entire site following transfer to a new Hosting Company

Sep 2020 - corrections made to Miscellany article about Thomas Garrett

Dec 2019 - new page in Miscellany section: An Adamthwaite Anthology

Dec 2019 - update to the page about Emma Adamthwaite

Jan 2019 - correction of some formatting errors

august 2018 - Miscellany article for William Mackever Adamthwaite updated

may 2018 - update (front page) announcing winner of Prize Draw

may 2018 - updated page about one-name studies

april 2018 - circulated Newsletter concerning new General Data Protection Regulations

april 2018 - update to our yDNA results page

february 2018 - updates to the story about John Smith 

august 2017 - added latest Newsletter, which was circulated to all members via Mail Chimp

may 2017 - added a PayPal Donation button to the DNA Funding page - even small donations will help us to offer subsidised yDNA tests to more males representing different lines of Adamthwaites

may 2017 - new member Steve has written and recorded a song recounting the history of one branch of the Yellow line of Adamthwaites - why not listen to it whilst browsing the photos on the 'Around Ravenstonedale' photo gallery?

april 2017 - new photo of Adamthwaite farm added to History page (thanks Anthony!) and also a link to Anthony's 'Wander in the Howgills' on the Ravenstonedale photos page.

march 2017 - 1939 Register updated, Eng & Wales Births and Deaths spreadsheets updated

march 2017 - new Miscellany article added on possible DNA connection to Sequoia

march 2017 - yDNA results updated

february 2017 - find out how to transfer Ancestry DNA test results to Family Tree DNA absolutely free, so that you can join our Adamthwaite DNA Project

january 2017 - updated contact details and set up new mailing list to communicate with members

august 2016 - corrections to article on Rev John of Winton

july 2016 - archive copy of whole website created on The Guild of One-name Studies web server.  The copy will be available in perpetuity at - please note that the archived site will only be updated occasionally, so for the most recent version you are advised to continue to use the present website (though this one will disappear when I am no longer able to maintain it!)

june 2016 - updates to WW1 details on Adamthwaites in Uniform

April 2016 - date of latest update added to front page, along with banner for Guild Award of Excellence

April 2016 - added details of Adamthwaites in Tithe Records to  'Other Records' in Resource section

April 2016 - added transcriptions of all Adamthwaites located in the 1939 Register and England and Wales Births spreadsheets updated to include info about whether individuals located in 1939 Register

Mar 2016 - updates to the Miscellany article Rev William of West Stockwith

Feb 2016 - updates completed and backup copy of old site deleted

Jan 2016 - work to deal with formatting errors on all pages created with migration to HTML, reinstating photo galleries which were also all lost, general updating and tidying of website

Dec 2015 - website transferred to HTML version to allow compatibility with tablets and other mobile devices - new banner and layout

Nov 2015 - photos added to VIOLET Gallery

July 2015 - new info added to Miscellany article Tragedy, bigamy and intrigue

May 2015 - updated DNA results

Jan 2015 - updates to Adamthwaites in Military records

Nov 2014 - updates to BMD and Census spreadsheets

June 2014 - new Miscellany article about Bob's chair

April 2014 - new Miscellany article on the Maintenance of the Poor of Ravenstonedale

Feb - April 2014 - BMD spreadsheets, Census spreadsheets, Passenger Lists all updated.   I have been gradually updating all the spreadsheets on the site to reflect the fact that we now have TEN lines of Adamthwaites.  This is a very slow process, but I will get there eventually!)

October 2013 - new article added to Miscellany section about a possible scandal revealed in the Will of Rev John Adamtwaite of Winton

October 2013 - yDNA results added for a second OLIVE line tester

June 2013 - yDNA results added for a second BLUE line tester

Mar 2013 - details of Adamthwaites found in School Records added to resource data

Feb 2013 - latest yDNA results added - we have discovered that our BLUE line is linked to theYELLOW line of Adamthwaites

Feb 2013 - updates to the information on Adamthwaites in Manorial Documents

Feb 2013 - more Adamthwaite individuals added to the various Historical Documents

Feb 2013 - all Eng and Wales BMD spreadsheets updated

October 2012 - more Family Finder DNA results added to the Ravenstonedale DNA Project

20 aug 2012 - transcriptions added for the Latin portions of two Adamthwaite wills from 1700 and 1707 - Thank you Barbara!

16 aug 2012 - latest results for the Adamthwaite Family Finder DNA tests added to the Ravenstonedale DNA project

21 jul 2012 - Historical Directory entries updated, information added for Adamthwaites in Hearth Tax Records and Births in Eng and Wales 1570 - 1837 updated with more information known about various individuals

9 may 2012 - Information added about Ravenstonedale DNA Project

28 feb 2012 - BMD spreadsheets updated

29 jan 2012 - yDNA results updated with results for our VIOLET line descendant


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