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Births in Australia (this pdf is 3 pages long)

Marriages in Australia (this pdf is 2 pages long)

Deaths in Australia (this pdf is 2 pages long)


The Births in Australia spreadsheet now also has columns on the far right showing which years individuals appear on the Electoral Roll spreadsheets (which you can find in the Census section).


I am currently working on updating these spreadsheets with Australian data from the various State Archives. All assistance gratefully received!

In the absence of any census data for Australia, the electoral rolls provide some information about where families were living and their occupations.  However, bear in mind that only adults of voting age are shown, and also the years available vary from State to State.  I have also added columns at the far right of the Births in Australia spreadsheet, indicating which years' electoral rolls I have found each individual.

Any contributions of resource data for Adamthwaites living in AUSTRALIA and especially in NEW ZEALAND would be very welcome!


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BMDs in Aus & NZ

Much of the information in these tables has been provided or augmented by members of the Adamthwaite families that currently live in Australia, for which we are most grateful. Any additional details, particularly about events in New Zealand, will be most welcome.

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