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If you have not already read the section which describes the colour coding system used on this website, you are advised to do so now, as all the spreadsheets use this system to identify members of the different Adamthwaite lines.  

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Notes on viewing the data spreadsheets

All the spreadsheets are presented as .pdf files, which will open with Adobe Reader (you can download a free copy of the latest version of Adobe Reader by clicking on the link on the Welcome page.


When you click on the relevant link, each file will open in a new window, and you will probably be asked if you wish to open or save the file, depending on your computer's security settings.  Select 'open'.


As the information is regularly updated, we do NOT recommend that you save the files, as the details will quickly become out of date. And certainly don't try to print them out as most run to a great number of pages!


Most of the tables are very wide, so each spreadsheet has been saved in landscape format to fit more easily on your computer screen, and in order that the text is legible, you will need to use the magnification tool on your Reader toolbar to increase the size of the image to at least 100%, then scroll to the right and down to view the complete range of information on each table.


You can use the 'search' facility of your Adobe reader to locate individuals/places etc. which appear in each spreadsheet.


HINT:  If you know the maiden surname of either the mother or the wife of the person you are searching for ... try entering this in the Adobe Reader search box, as this will result in fewer hits than if you enter 'William' for example!



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BMDs and Census Data in the UK


23 feb 2022

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