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21 feb 2022

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Display issues?

The web hosting company that I used to create and maintain this website, Moonfruit, closed down in December 2021 following the loss  Adobe Flash which was discontinued. The site has been transferred to a new Hosting Company which uses an entirely different system and I have found LOTS of errors in the way pages are displayed following the transfer, so it may take a while to update pages!! 


One of the most annoying problems is that all the follow-one or continuation pages were not copied to the new site at all - this mainly affects the longer Miscellany articles.  The best and speediest solution I have found is to create continuation pages as pdf files, which I can create from the copy of the website that fortunately I made BEFORE the transfer!!


I will remove this message when I have made all the corrections - I began work on this site on 21 feb which is the first day I actually got access to it as it was missing altogether for nearly two months!!


Even before the transfer, I noticed an issue with viewing pdf files.  Previously these opened in a new window so you could move between the main page and the spreadsheet/chart/etc, regardless of the device you were using.  Now if you are using a tablet or mobile, you may get a request asking you if you wish to download the file.  Click yes and you should see a 'down arrow' flashing top right of your screen which will lead to the pdf.  You will have to SAVE the file if you wish to refer to it again.  Users of PCs should continue to see the pdf in a new window.

It generally is much easier to get around the site on a PC!


If you discover any more problems in viewing pages on this website, please let me know using the contact details shown on the left.

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