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1939 Register

The spreadsheet records transcriptions of the entries for every ADAMTHWAITE located in the database on Find My Past.  You can read more about the Register itself and it's use in creating Identity Cards on this page.


But unlike a census, the Register became a working document and the information initially recorded on the Register on 29th September 1939 was continually updated - so entries include notes about subsequent marriages, death and roles played in the Civil Defence of the country during the war. Subsequently the information was used to create the medical cards issued as part of the new National Health Service.  


In general, individual records are closed until 100 years after their birth UNLESS their death has been recorded ... death information was added to the Register right up until 1991.  If you cannot find a member of your family tree who you know has died, you can get a record 'unlocked' by submitting evidence of death.


Wherever possible, I have identified each ADAMTHWAITE I was able to find, though there are still a few mystery entries - if you can help unravel these, or provide corrections to any errors I have made, I would be most grateful.

1939 register

The list is colour coded and sorted into County order.  I have also updated the Birth spreadsheets to include a check to indicate whether I was able to find those living in 1939 on the Register.  


I updated the spreadsheet on 8 mar 2017 - further records will be opened up as Find My Past receive evidence that individuals have died, but there is no quick way of checking for newly opened records unfortunately!


23 feb 2022

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