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Rhoda's story ... continued

Rhoda was married from Armley Grange View in 1950. Rhoda and Jack lived there after they were married. My husband John was born there. They moved out just before John's sister Alison was born in 1956 but she too was born in Armley Grange View (Jack took Rhoda there when she started "feeling funny"). My husband John had a second home there and called in most days on his way home from school. John Adamthwaite was a typical Yorkshire man and had little time for religion, hated the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Ramsey, and the Chancellor lan Callaghan for putting up the tax on whisky. He was however, very generous to his wife and family. They were a very close couple -even though they often sat in separate rooms in the afternoon (Maggie would get up on a morning, put a mobcap on and do all her chores then get washed and dressed up for the afternoon). When Maggie died in December 1971, John said he had nothing left to live for and he died 12 weeks later.

The Harlings 

As an aside, Maggie was very close to her Harling cousins Rhoda and Ruth (I suspect that Rhoda is named for Rhoda Harling) in Bentham They were the daughters of Edward Thomas, brother of Mary and Margaret Ellen . There are lots of photos of them.


 Rhoda died in childbirth in 1924 and Ruth died of a chill in 1923 - 1 month after the birth of her son. Their mother - Aunt Jane (Martha Jane) - brought her grandchildren up but Maggie always thought her a miserable woman. Rhoda Harling married Albert Brayshaw (a painter and decorator who painted Rhoda Adamthwaite's portrait when she was 2 years old). They had two children -John and Rhoda Mary at whose birth her mother died. Ruth married Edward Slater and they had one son George Edward (Teddy) who died aged 16, burnt in an accident at work. 

left: Rebecca Harling with daughter Mary  –

and perhaps baby Maggie?

Descendants of William McEver Adamthwaite and Sarah Greenbank

The Adamthwaites mentioned in this story are all descended from William McEver Adamthwaite (VIOLET line), who was the son of Reverend William Adamthwaite and his housekeeper Jane McEver.  William McEver married Sarah Greenbank in 1827 and they had 13 children - amongst this large family was John Adamthwaite who married Ann Newsham in 1856 (John was the grandfather of both John and Maggie Adamthwaite) .


Shown below are some more descendants of William McEver Adamthwaite:

from the left:

  • Richard Adamthwaite (1847-1930) and his wife Grace (nee Timperley) (1847-1922). Richard was the great-uncle of both John and Maggie Adamthwaite

  • Sarah Ann Adamthwaite (1857-?) aunt of John and Maggie, married to Charles Tuck

  • Barbara Adamthwaite (1872-1940) aunt of John and Maggie

  • Alice Jane Adamthwaite(1877-?) aunt of John And Maggie, married to John Wilson

The following rather splendid-looking individuals are also thought to be descendants of William McEver Adamthwaite and Sarah Greenbank … can you identify them?

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