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YELLOW line DNA information

Background information on this line – see chart showing y-DNA carriers for this line


Although this line can be traced back through paper records to Thomas Adamthwaite, born in 1678 in Ravenstonedale, in practice, all the lines in existence in recent times descend from Edward Adamthwaite and Mary Newbury, who married in London in 1803. They had 12 children, but only three sons went on to have children:


Known branches with living descendants:


YELLOW line 1


Descendants of Joseph James ADAMTHWAITE and Susannah STATE (m 1832):  This couple had seven sons, several of whom survived to adulthood and married, but only one of them produced any children.  This was

  • James Adamthwaite who married Louisa Weston in 1878.  Their son Frederick Charles James ADAMTHWAITE and his wife Ellen LYALL had thirteen children, but only the eldest son George Frederick ADAMTHWAITE went on to have any children.


YELLOW line 2


Descendants of Henry Edward ADAMTHWAITE and Jane MARRINER (m.1844) This couple had seven sons, and the following went on to produce male Adamthwaites who are alive today -

  • Line 2a: Descendants of William Norman ADAMTHWAITE

  • Line 2b: Descendant of  Robert ADAMTHWAITE and Ann GARNER

  • Line 2c: Descendants of John ADAMTHWAITE and Charlotte MARRINER - We have received test results from a member of this line.

  • Line 2d: Descendants of Charles Frederick ADAMTHWAITE and Celia GORDGE


YELLOW line 3 


Descendants of Abraham ADAMTHWAITE and Rebecca BLEWITT (married in 1848).  Sadly there are no known living male Adamthwaite descendants of this line.



We have received test results from our volunteer from YELLOW line 2c, and are now very keen to compare these with test results from volunteers from YELLOW line 1; if this does not produce a close match, we would then wish to move on to test volunteers from the other branches of YELLOW line 2.

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