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William Adamthwaite of Cowgill Kirthwaite in Dent, yeoman - Will & Inventory  (d.1749)

Notes: in earlier records he was know as William of Grisedale

He was born before 1693 – the son of James of Grisdale and Mabel

Buried: 14 jun 1749 at Sedbergh Quakers (died 11 jun 1749)

Marriage (1): 2 feb 1713 at Garsdale, Sedbergh Quakers to Margaret Dawson – she died 17 oct 1919 and was buried on 18 october 1719 at Garsdale

Marriage (2): 3 feb 1730 at Leayeat in Dent (Sedbergh Quakers) to Agnes Mason, widow of Dent

Known children: Elizabeth b. 1714 (married Anthony Mason in 1738)and Mary b. 1717 (married Thos Buck in 1735) both recorded at Garsdale Mtg (Sedbergh Quakers) as daughters of William and Margaret of Garsdale Mtg



INVENTORY dated 25 September 1749 ……………………………………….£29 17s 0d


Appraisers: Edmund Bannister

                   William Mason

                   Jos: Heblethwaite


Exhibited 29 September 1749 by the executor Antony Mason, who affirmed &c.




WILL dated 30 July 1749


To Elizabeth my daughter now wife of Anthony Mason my real estate at Cawgill ([sic] for her life charged with the payment of the following:


To my wife Agnes £25


To my daughter Mary now the wife of Thomas Buck £4 annuity.


£100 equally amongst the children of my daughter Mary Buck to be paid to them as they severally attain the age of 21 years.


To my granddaughter Mary Buck £10 at 21 years


After the death of my daughter Elizabeth, Cowgill is to go to my grandson William Mason for ever, but still subject to all the above payments & legacies, if not already paid, together with the payments of £20 to his sister Agnes Mason, my granddaughter.


R & R to my son-in-law Anthony Mason, sole exec.


Testator signed.


Witnesses: Edmund Bannister

                  Richd Thistlethwt

                  William Mason


Probate granted 29 September 1749 after the affirmation of William Mason, one of the witnesses and Anthony Mason, the executor.




Lonsdale Deanery probate files; A-E surnames; 1748-1760; FHL film #99041