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William Adamthwaite of Branthwaites in Frostrow - Will & Bond - d.1776

Notes: Baptised 16 nov 1718 at Sedbergh, son of John Adamthwaite of Hallbank, jr and Jane Holm

Buried 21 jul 1776 at Sedbergh

Married 22 oct 1744 at Sedbergh to Deborah Allen

Known children (all baptised at Sedbergh):

  • John, baptised 29 nov 1745

  • Thomas, baptised 28 aug 1748

  • Jane, baptised 28 feb 1750/51



WILL - witnessed 6 June 1773


IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN I WILLIAM ADAMTHWAITE of Branthwaite in Frostraw ITPO Sedbergh … Yeoman, being of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding do make and ordain this my Last Will and testament in manner following,


I COMMEND my Soul to Almighty God and my Body I commit to the Earth to be decently buried at the discretion of DEBORAH my Wife and I dispose of my Temporal Estate as hereinafter is mentioned, That is to say,


I GIVE and Bequeath unto my dearly beloved Wife DEBORAH all the income of my estate called Branthwaites where I now dwell together with the income of that estate called Gap where EDWARD MOORE now dwells, with the use and benefit of all my household goods and chattels during her natural life in case that she continue my Widow and keeps herself sole and unmarried.


BUT provided always and if it shall so happen that my said Wife shall marry after my death to any person whatsoever then and immediately after such her marriage I will and direct that she shall have no further concern either with the Rents or Profits of the said Estates or receive any benefit from or out of the other Goods and Chattles but all such demands shall cease and determine and not be any more alow’d her or at any time during her natural life.


AND I will and declare that the yearly Rents or Profits of the said Estates called Branthwaites and Gap, together with the use of my other goods shall be in lieu, full satisfaction and recompence of all Dower, Right and Title of Dower or Thirds at the Common :Law which my said Wife can or lawfully may have claim to


I GIVE and devise unto my Son THOMAS and to his heirs and assigns for ever the said Estate called Branthwaites together with that other Estate called Gap, both in Frostrow, to enter upon immediately after the death of DEBORAH my Wife or after her marriage as the contingency shall happen


I GIVE unto my daughter JANE all my Household Goods and Husbandry Gear and Chattles to enter upon immediately after the death of DEBORAH my Wife or after her marriage as it shall happen


I GIVE unto my son’s JOHN and THOMAS whom I make Executors of this my L W and T all my money and securities for Money equally betwixt them, provided and upon condition that they shall pay all my Just Debts and Funeral Expenses equally


AND it is my will and mind that my said sons JOHN and THOMAS shall pay to my Daughter JANE … [£400] … equally betwixt them at the end of twelve mnths after my decease


AND LASTLY I revoke all my former Wills and declare this only for my L W and T


IN WITNESS whereof … [6 June 1773] … WILLIAM ADAMTHWAITE


Witnesses: John Wilson, Hannah Wilson her mark, Rachel Giveson


Probate granted 22 august 1776 to JOHN ADAMTHWAITE and THOMAS ADAMTHWAITE, Joint Executors.


Probate Bond in £600


Date: 22 august 1776


Parties: John Adamthwaite otpo sedbergh, Clerk


Thomas Adamthwaite otpo Sedbergh, yeoman and


Antony Sharp otpo Sedbergh, Grocer


Condit: John Adamthwaite and Thomas Adamthwaite otpo Sedbergh to execute the will of William Adamthwaite late of Branthwaites, yeoman deceased


Witnesses: W Gawthrop, Edward Oliver