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VIOLET line DNA information

Background information on this line - see CHART of yDNA carriers for this line


Although we believe the earliest identified ancestor of this line to be William Adamthwaite of Holebeck in Frostrow who died in 1696, according to the information we currently hold, all members of the line are descended from one of his grandsons – John Adamthwaite of Hallbank and his wife Jane Holm (married 1710).  Furthermore, only two of John and Jane’s sons produced male children:


William Adamthwaite of Branthwaite (b.1718) – this line is to be found on the ORANGE charts

Thomas Adamthwaite of Hallbank (b.1715).  Thomas Adamthwaite married twice:  From his first marriage to Anne Moore in 1742, Thomas had two sons:

  • John Adamthwaite who married Agnes Laycock or Lycott in 1778 – this couple had six children, but we do not know whether any of them produced male Adamthwaite descendants.

  • Thomas Adamthwaite, died in infancy


From his second marriage to Agnes Lawrence in 1752, Thomas had two more sons:

  • Rev William Adamthwaite who married Ann Hoggard in 1791.  The couple do not appear to have had any children and seem to have separated by about 1804 when William had two children with his housekeeper, Jane McEver – a daughter who died in infancy and a son named William Adamthwaite McEver, born in about 1806 in Sedbergh.  This William later became known as William McEver Adamthwaite and is thought to be the ancestor of all VIOLET line Adamthwaite branches that have continued to the present day.

  • Thomas Adamthwaite – although this son lived to the age of 44, he is not known to have married or had any children.


Known branches with living descendants 

  • VIOLET LINE 1 – descendants of William Adamthwaite and Mary Allan (m.1855).  Although we are not aware of any living male descendants of this line, their grandson, William Adamthwaite, died in Ireland  in 1920 and may have had children there.

  • VIOLET LINE 2 – descendants of Thomas Adamthwaite and Mary Ann Foxcroft (m.1856) There is known to be at least one living male descendant of this line

  • VIOLET LINE 3 – descendants of John Adamthwaite and Ann Newsham (m.1856) There are known to be at least three male Adamthwaites in this line

  • VIOLET LINE 4 – descendants of George Adamthwaite and Elizabeth Howarth (m. 1857) There are known to be at least three male Adamthwaites in this line

  • VIOLET LINE 5 – descendants of Richard Adamthwaite and Grace Timperley (m.1869)  There are known to be at least three male Adamthwaites in this line (we have one set of test results from this branch)


We are still seeking male Adamthwaite volunteers from any of lines 1 - 4 above.

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