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Thomas Adamthwaite of Hallbank in Frostrow, yeoman - Will & Inventory - d.1768

Notes: Baptised 29 june 1715 at Sedbergh, son of John Adamthwaite of Hallbank, junior and Jane

Buried 8 may 1768 at Sedbergh

Married (1): 5 feb 1742 at Kendal to Anne Moore (she died 22 jan 1749/50)

Married (2): 19 feb 1752 at Garsdale Quakers to Agnes Lawrence of Dent

Known children of Thomas and Anne:

  • Jane (bap 23 apr 1744)

  • John (bap 21 sep 1746)

  • Thomas (bap 13 may 1749)

  • Agnes (bap 20 dec 1750; buried 15 feb 1750

Known children of Thomas and Agnes:

  • William (bap 24 feb 1753)

  • Thomas (bap 16 nov 1755)

  • Agnes (bap 6 aug 1758)

  • Emma (bap 27 may 1761)



INVENTORY respited, above £40




WILL dated 4 May 1768


To my dearly beloved wife Agnes 40 shillings a year, from my properties of Helm Closes, Well Parrock, Joshua’s Bank and bog, all in Frostrow and now in the occupation of myself and James Thistlethwaite.


To my wife another £4 a year from my properties at Hallbank, viz. Hallbank, Corn Close, Ellers, Walling Parrock, Walling Close, Crabtrees, Coombanktop, Coombankbottom and Seavy Parrock, now in my own occupation.


To my son John Adamthwaite Helm Close &c for ever, chargeable with £70 which I give to my daughter Jane, wife of Mr James Tomlinson.


To William Atkinson of Hallbank, yeoman, John Fawcett of Fellycat, p. Sedbergh, yeoman and my brother William Adamthwaite my real estate in Sedbergh Town in trust until my son William Adamthwaite is 21, also the second lot of lands (Corn Close et al).


Son Thomas Adamthwaite, under 21


Daughter Agnes, under 21


William Atkinson, John Fawcett & William Adamthwaite joint execs, and assigned the tuition of the three children.


Testator marked


Witnesses: James Thistlethwaite

                   Alles Waistell

                   Henry X Woler


Probate 13 may 1768 by the oaths of William Atkinson and John Fawcett




Lonsdale Deanery probate files; A-G surnames; 1761-1770; FHL film #99045