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Thomas Adamthwaite of Adamthwaite -

Will & Indenture  (d. 1739)

Notes: We believe that this Thomas Adamthwaite was born in Sedbergh, probably in the 1650s, son of William of Holebeck and Ellen.

He seems to be the same Thomas who married Sibbell Adamthwaite, dau of John Adamthwaite of Adamthwaite the elder, on 6 may 1697 in Ravenstonedale.  This marriage linked the Sedbergh and the Ravenstonedale Adamthwaites and through this marriage, Thomas would have taken over the farm at Adamthwaite which Sibbell. inherited on the death of her father John in 1690.  Sibbell died in Ravenstonedale in 1731.

Thomas was buried on 6 feb 1739 at Ravenstonedale.

It is possible that Thomas and Sibbell had a daughter before their marriage - an Issbell Adamthwaite, dau to Thomas Adamthwaite of Adamthwaite was chr. in Ravenstonedale on 17 oct 1696.

We know of no other children of Thomas and Sibbell.

Note that amongst the beneficiaries are nieces and nephews of both Ravenstonedale and Sedbergh.


WILL - written in 1737

In the Name of God Amen I Thomas Adamthwait of Adamthwait in the Parish of Ravenstondale County of Westmorland widower being in health and of perfect mind and memory thanks to Almight God but calling to mind the mortality of my body and the uncertainty of this life do make constitute and appoint this my last Will Testamt.  First and principally recommending my soul to God that gave it depending alone on the merits of Jesus Al for the Pardon of all my sins – Also desiring my Body may be buried in the Church yard of Ravenstonedale aforesd in decent and Christian manner at the discretion of my executors herein aftermentioned and nominated hoping to have the same restored again at the General Ressurrection by the mighty power of God.  And as touching such temporal and worldly estate as it hath pleased God in mercy to confer on me in this life I give, bequeath and despose of  the same as follows:


First of all I give and bequeath to my nephew Thomas Adamthwaite of this Parish the sum of Forty Pounds – and to his daughter Elizabeth Adamthwaite also of this Parish the sum of Five Pounds – Item I give devise and bequeath to my said nephew Thomas Adamthwaite all that my messuage and tenement consisting of a House and a Close situate lying and being at Adamthwaite aforesaid with all singular the appurtenances thereunto belonging during his natural life – and thence to descent to my nephew William Adamthwaite of Adamthwaite above said and to his heires and assignes for over holden at a yearly rent and a certain fine under the Lord of the Manor of Ravonstonedale aforesaid according to the custom there used and enjoyed, for ever.  It being my mind and will that my said nephew William Adamthwaite be admitted tenant (at the High Court to be held within the Manor aforesaid next after my decease) of the said messuage and tenement with the appurtenances but that my said nephew Thomas Adamthwaite enjoy and receive the profits of the same during his natural life.  (two lines have been crossed out?) Withal ordering that my said nephew William repair and uphold the said House  during the natural life of him my said nephew Thomas Adamthwaite and that he sett out and cutt down or give leave to my said nephew Thomas Adamthwaite to cut and fell down some wood or trees growing upon the said premises for note wood as carrs or such like husbandry gear when necessity indeed so requires but not otherwise.  Item I give to my said nephew William Adamthwaite two cupboards standing in the house where he my said nephew William now dwells.  Item I give to my said nephew William Adamthwaite that bond of one hundred and ten pounds which he has given to me under his hand and seal which said Bond is now in the custody of Godfrey Milner of Ravenstonedale Town immediately to be delivered to him my said nephew William after my decease  withal ordering that out of the same that he give to his two daughters the sum of five pounds each.  Item I give to my niece Ann Chamberlain the sum of three pounds.  Item I give to Godfrey Milner of Ravenstonedale Town the sum of Twenty shillings.  Item I give devise and bequeath to my nephew John Adamthwaite of Moss in the Parish of Sedbergh and to his heires and assignes for ever all them my Lords Rents or yearly property belonging to me out of two houses standing and situate at the side of the church yard in Sedbergh aforesaid.  Item I also give and bequeath to my said nephew John Adamthwaite my Close Chest and all my boxes.  Item I also I give to my couzn Edmund Brown and his two sisters other moss aforesaid the sum of fifteen pounds equally among them (to whit the sum of five pounds each).  Item I give to my niece Dorothy Atkinson the sum of three pounds.  Item I give to my couzn Thos Adamthwaite of Howbank and to his brother William the sum of three pounds each.  Item I give to my three nephews John, Thos and William Adamthwaite all my wearing apparent bedding, bedsteads and all other such like things in this house belonging to the undisposed oft to be distributed equally amongst them.  Item I order that all poor people that come to my funeral within this Parish to have six pence per Pew and each a Penny loaf.  Item I do hereby constitute and appoint my two nephews to wit John Adamthwaite of Moss aforesaid and William Adamthwaite of Adamthwaite abovesaid  joint executors of this my last Will and Testament to whom I give the residue of all my personal estate they paying all my just debts and funeral expenses and the legacys herein above given and bequeathed (which are not otherwise ordered to be paid in this present Will) ordering them my  said Executors to pay all  legacys as herein above given and bequeathed at the expiration of one whole year after my decease and to this my last Will and Testament revoking all others by me heretofore made.  I set my hand and seal this third day of May in the year of our Lord God one thousand seven hundred and thirty seven.




Signed sealed published and declared by the above mentioned testator Thomas Adamthwaite of Adamthwaite as his last Will and Testament with the words (in the original) and his two sisters in one line (and the word pay in another enterlined before the sealing hereof – and the word such like first enterlined – Thomas Adamthwaite his mark and part of his name and seal  Tho A-




In the presence of us


Robt Mounsey

Joseph Chamberlain his mark

Robt Potter

William Clemingson

James Bayliff


This is a true copy of the original will examined by Hy J A Watson and Robt Mounsey



INDENTURE (Dated 1740)

Whereas Thomas Adamthwait the Elder widower by his last Will and Testament bearing date the 3rd day of May 1737 devised to Thomas Adamthwaite his nephew of Steps Bank nigh the town of Ravenstonedale in the parish of Ravenstonedale husbandman a house and close  situated and lying and being at Adamthwaite in Fellend Angle deceasing this natural life and all and singular the appurtenances thereto belonging and after his decease to his brother William Adamthwaite his heirs and assigns for ever and whereas the said Thos Adamthwaite in the consideration of the sum of fifteen pounds of lawful money of Great Brittain by an Article bearing date under his … and seal the 7th day of April 1740 did release and for ever quitt his claims and all manner of Claims pretensions or demands wt power of in or to the said house and close for himself during his natural life and whereas the said Willm Adamthwaite nephew, brother and one of the devisees of the said Thomas Adamthwaite hath this  20th day of October 1740 paid a twenty penny fine for the lands as devised to Thoms Adamthwaite and also a twenty penny fine is devised to him after the death of Thomas this said brother which said lands is devised is charged with the annual Lords Rent of one shilling and sixpence old Rent and eight pence Gressum Rent and whereas the said Wm Adamthwaite has paid to me the said two fines amounting to three pounds I do hereby admit the said Wm Adamthwaite consent to have and to hold the said premises with their appurtenances unto the said Willm Adamthwaite according to the indenture of the then Lord and Tenants of the Manor of Ravenstonedale bearing date the 12th day of February in the 22nd year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lady Elizabeth. (1580*)






Dated this 20th of October 1740


* UPDATE:  I have recently visited the Cumbria Archive, where I was able to photograph the pages of the 1580 document referred to above.

This document appears to set out details of every property in Ravenstonedale parish and lay down the rents agreed with Lord Wharton.  It is remarkable that they appear to be still in force 160 years later and are quoted in this Will.


It will take me some considerable time to transcribe the full document as much of it is in Latin - any help will be much appreciated!!