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Abstract of Will of Rev John Adamthwaite of Winton - died 1839

A transcript of the full will of Rev John of Winton is available on this page.


It is very long and complicated, so here is an Abstract which sets out the main bequests of the Will of Rev John ADAMTHWAITE DD. magistrate of Winton, who died 5 June 1839 aged 56 

  • Brother William Adamthwaite and nephew John Burrell named Executors

  • To Mrs Elizabeth Smith, wife of John Smith and daughter of brother Joseph - £100

  • To brother Edmund Adamthwaite - £200

  • To Edmund’s children – Ann, John, William, Mary, Christopher, Joseph and Jane - £100 each

  • To brother William - £200

  • To William’s daughter Emma - £300 plus best bedstead, bedding and hangings, plus best dining table, best looking glass and all plate

  • To William’s son Edwin - £100

  • To sister Mary, wife of Joseph Lord - £200

  • To Mary’s children – Mary Ann Lord, William Lord and John Adamthwaite Lord - £100 each

  • To  sister Hannah Burrell - £200

  • To Hannah’s children – John, Mary, Joseph, William, Anne and Sarah Burrell- £100 each

  • To the children of John Bell of West Bretton Dumfriesshire – Emma Deans Bell, John Bell, John Hugh Percy Bell and Anne Bell - £200 each

  • To Mrs Barbara Bell (wife of John Bell of West Bretton) 10 guineas

  • To  housekeeper Hannah Ratson - £100

  • To late servant Sarah Graves, now of Southport, Lancs - £50

  • Last two legacies to be paid in full without deducting duty, all legacies to be paid out of real and personal estate 12 months after decease to legatees who have attained 24 years, remainder to be paid to legatees on reaching 24 years

  • To nephew John Burrell – all books

  • To neice Mary (dau of Edmund) all household goods and furniture, beds, bedding, linen and china (except that bequeathed to Emma)

  • To nephew Edmund – stock … plus dairy utensils [there was no nephew named Edmund – perhaps he meant brother Edmund himself or nephew John?]

  • Jointly to brother William and nephew John Burrell – messuage and tenements known as Burns House, including garth and croft under occupation of Margaret Blacklin and Joseph Snowden, providing they allow Hannah Ratson to live there until her marriage or death, then the property to be sold and proceeds divided amongst the children of John Bell as are still living at the time of death or marriage of Hannah Ratson

  • To brother William Adamthwaite and nephew John Burrell the remainder of Real Estate to be disposed of as necessary to pay off and discharge debts and legacies, remainder to be divided equally between William Adamthwaite and John Burrell as Tenants in Common.


WRITTEN 2 November 1838, WITNESSED by Middleton Hewitson  solicitor of Kirkby Stephen; Robert Owen, solicitor’s clerk Proved Carlisle, 27 June 1839 by William Adamthwaite and John Burrell, joint Executors (Effects under £450)


The bequests  totalled just under £4000 plus the value of Burns House and any other real estate.


Clearly his housekeeper Hannah Ratson and the children of John Bell figured highly in Rev John’s priorities.  Why?  If you are also intrigued by this will, you might like to read the item in the Miscellany Section entitled 'Rev John of Winton'