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Rev John Adamthwaite, DD, of Baddesley Ensor - d.1819

NOTES: John Adamthwaite was chr on 20 Nov 1745 at Sedbergh.  He was the eldest son of William Adamthwaite of Branthwaites and Deborah (Allen).

John never married to our knowledge.

He was ordained in 1769 and was Vicar of Shackerstone, Rector of Baxterley and Curate of Nether Whitacre and Baddesley Ensor.

He was buried on 12 March 1819 at St Giles Nether Whitacre.


We believe that the Ann Cowper who was his housekeeper and main benefeciary was actually his niece - the married daughter of John's sister Jane and her husband, Rev John Turner.  Although Ann was his housekeeper at the time the Will was written in 1813, by the time Rev John Adamthwaite died in 1819 she had eloped with one of his pupils, which is presumably why she was unable to act as Executor of the Will - see the article on the 'Elopement Scandal' in the Miscellany section.


The other Rev John Adamthwaite, DD mentioned in the Will was a protegee of Rev John senior - although he was not in fact closely related to him, being one of three sons of Thomas Adamthwaite and Mary (Pearson) who were all ordained - see the article 'Seven Reverends Adamthwaite' in the Miscellany section.


(Despite the fact that this is one of the later wills, the version originally received  was particularly hard to read – many thanks to Paula's son Jonathan who corrected my attempts at transcribing it)  Subsequently we have obtained another copy of the will from the Borthwick Institute, amongst various other papers to do with the Death Duty proceedings which were still ongoing in 1853 and 1854, this version was written in a very clear hand and is now transcribed below.



WILL of The Reverend John Adamthwaite Dr in Divinity - dated 24 March 1813


The Last Will and Testament of me John Adamthwaite of Baddesley Ensor in the County of Warwick, DD In the Name of God Amen  I hereby give and bequeath to Ann Cowper my present Housekeeper the sum of six hundred pounds to be paid her immediately after my decease by whoever shall undertake and have legally committed to him her or them the Administration of my personal estate and effects. Item  I give and bequeath to the said Anne Cowper the whole of my household furniture and other property whatever that I shall have in my dwelling house at the time of my death except my books.  I give and bequeath to the Reverend John Adamthwaite, Doctor in Divinity now of Tong  Castle in the County of Salop the Sum of Six hundred pounds to be paid him immediately as aforesaid by such person or persons as aforesaid.  And if no person shall consent to Undertake the said administration I hereby constitute and appoint the said Anne Cowper and the said John Adamthwaite joint Executors of this my last Will and Testament and I will and require them to administer all the rest and residue of my said Estate and Effects (with an exception only to my law books and manuscripts, which I give and bequeath to the said John Adamthwaite) according to the Statute of distribution and if any person should express any degree whatsoever of dissatisfaction with regard to this disposal of my effects of or any part thereof I will and order that that person or those persons whom he she or they may be shall not be allowed to receive but be entirely cut off from any and every share or part of my said effects and such share or shares shall be equally divided between the said Anne Cowper and John Adamthwaite in case of themselves and each of them being satisfied with this my will and all former wills made by me  I hereby annul and revoke written by the said Testator with his own hand as and for his last Will and as such signed by him this twenty fourth day of March one thousand eight hundred and thirteen (the word “Law” interlined by myself and also the words “hereby annul and revoke”) – John Adamthwaite


Appeared Personally William Mott of the Close of the Cathedral Church of Lichfield Gentleman and Richard Luckman of the same place writing clerk and made Oath that they knew and were well acquainted with the Reverend John Adamthwaite late of Baddesley Ensor in the County of Warwick Doctor in Divinity deceased for several years before and to the time of his decease which happened as they have been informed and believe in the month of February last and having often seen him the said deceased write and subscribe his Name they thereby became well acquainted with his manner and character of handwriting and subscription and having now carefully viewed perused and inspected the paper writing hereto annexed purporting to be and contain the last Will and Testament of the said deceased the said paper writing beginning thus “the last Will and Testament of me John Adamthwaite of Baddesley Ensor in the County of Warwick Dr D” and ending thus “written by the said Testator with his own hand as and for his last Will and as such signed by him this twenty fourth day of March one thousand eight hundred and thirteen (the word “Law” being interlined by myself and also the words “hereby annul and revoke”) and this subscribed “John Adamthwaite” they further make oath that they do verily and in their consciences believe the whole body series and contents of the said Will as also the said subscription John Adamthwaite to be all of the proper handwriting and subscription of the said Reverend John Adamthwaite Doctor in Divinity deceased.

Wm Mott   Richd Luckman.


On the 12th day of June 1819 the said William Mott and Richard Luckman were by virtue of the Comon hereto annexed duly sworn to the truth of this affidavit before me.  

E. Outram, Commissary.


On the 16th July 1819 administration with the will annexed of the Goods etc of the Reverend John Adamthwaite late of Baddesley Ensor in the County of Warwick DD a bachelor deceased was granted to Jane Turner (wife of the Revd John Turner, Clerk) the natural and lawful sister only next of kin and as such a legatee named in the said will being first sworn by Comon duly to administer.  No residuary legatee.


304 Ellenbro Chas Dynsley, John Iggulden, W F Gosthing

             Deputy Registrars

18 May



Further grant of Probate

Through entries in the Death Duty Index, we have now learned that although it appears that the initial bequests were paid out at the time of Administration, following a dispute in Chancery (the relevant Chancery papers are still to be transcribed) Reverend John's sister Jane Turner did not administer the will before her death in 1838.  The case eventually was re-examined in 1853, at which time Reverend John's nephew William Vipond Adamthwaite (son of Rev John's brother Thomas) was appointed Administrator.


The death duty records for this further grant of Probate are very difficult to read on microfilm, so I shall try to transcribe them from the original ledgers at my next visit to the National Archives. SJM