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ORANGE line DNA information

Background information on this line  – see chart showing y-DNA carriers for this line


This line is headed by William Adamthwaite of Branthwaites who married Deborah Allen. They had two sons: Reverend John Adamthwaite, who as far as we are aware, never married and Thomas Adamthwaite, who married Lucy Vipond in 1790.


Thomas and Lucy also had two sons:

  • William Vipond Adamthwaite (b.1793) – who, with his partner Isabella Rickerby, had three daughters; and

  • John Allen Adamthwaite (b.1795) who married Susan Anglin Bryan in 1829.  This couple are known to have had nine children, including six sons – three of whom lived long enough to marry and produce children:


Known branches with living descendants


ORANGE line 1 - John Allen ADAMTHWAITE junior (b.1832) was married twice, and from his first  marriage to Eliza SAYNOR he produced the following male children:

  • John Alexander Ridgeway ADAMTHWAITE married Leeanna FAIREY – they had two sons:  John Allen ADAMTHWAITE (III) died aged 20; and Lionel Willie ADAMTHWAITE, who married Clarice Tinsley, but the couple are not known to have had any children

  • Thomas Bryan ADAMTHWAITE married Alice TURNPENNY, and they had the following male children: Thomas Walter ADAMTHWAITE – died aged 17; Bertie Alexander ADAMTHWAITE was married twice; with his first wife Helena BONNEY he had one son;  Ronald Allen ADAMTHWAITE, who married Doreen MORRELL, but they are believed to have had just one daughter.  Bertie Alexander and his second wife Helen (GOVER) are thought to have only had one daughter.

  • Mark ADAMTHWAITE emigrated to the USA, then Canada and was married three times.  With his first wife Mary GLYNN, he had two known sons: Mark Adamthwaite – who lived to the age of 64 but is not known to have married or had children; Thomas Michael Adamthwaite – we know he was still alive aged 29 in the 1930 US census but nothing more is known about him – possibly he married and had children? Mark and his second wife Lucy TOGHILL POPPE are not known to have had any children; Mark and his third wife Florence WARD, had two known children, including a son John Thomas Adamthwaite who died aged 7.  It is unlikely that Florence gave birth to any further children as she would have been aged about 44 when their daughter Florence was born in 1925.  However, this family has not been found after this date.


John Allen ADAMTHWAITE's second (bigamous!) marriage to Annie FISHER produced only one daughter who died in infancy.  So, although we are not aware of any living male descendants from this line, it is possible that we are mistaken - if YOU know of any male descendants of this line, please get in touch!


ORANGE line 2 - William Vipond ADAMTHWAITE junior(born 1836) married Elizabeth Selina Johnson and they had one son before William’s untimely death at the age of 23:

  • Frank Vipond ADAMTHWAITE was born in 1858 and emigrated to the USA.  There are known to be male descendants of this line living in the USA


ORANGE line 3 - James Theophilus ADAMTHWAITE (born 1839) also emigrated to the USA and married Maggie BAINS.  However, although they had four sons, none seem to have had sons:

  • Pleasant ADAMTHWAITE, is believed to have died in infancy

  • Cecil Augusta ADAMTHWAITE never married

  • Arthur M ADAMTHWAITE married but had no known children

  • Charles Ivan ADAMTHWAITE married and had three daughters but no sons


So the only known living male Adamthwaites in the ORANGE line are descendants of Frank Vipond ADAMTHWAITE.  We are very anxious to recruit a volunteer from this line who would be prepared to take a yDNA test.



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