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Newsletter - October 2013

Some research I undertook as part of a recent Pharos course on Wills and Administrations revealed a potential scandal involving Reverend John of Winton and his housekeeper Hannah Ratson.  You can read a new article about it in the Miscellany section … and I’d love you to post your views in the comments section at the end of the article!

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Reverend John Adamthwaite of Winton

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Latest DNA results

These have provided some intriguing new information about three Adamthwaite lines, the BLUE line, the YELLOW line and the OLIVE line.


We recently received two more sets of yDNA results – both from lines that have already tested – and both turned out to show that they could NOT possibly share a common ancestor with the other tester from their line!


These are the sorts of results that make DNA Project Coordinators groan with horror … does it mean there is an illegitimacy or perhaps an unsuspected adoption somewhere in one of the branches (and if so, where is it and which set of results is the ‘right’ one?) or does it mean that we have made a mistake in reconstructing that line?


But I have investigated both sets of mis-matches and with some help from other Adamthwaite researchers, I think we have got to the bottom of both of them.

First, the BLUE line of Adamthwaites

I was very happy earlier in the year when we received our first set of BLUE line results from a descendant of Alexander Adamthwaite (1866-1942)  – which showed that there is definitely shared ancestry (not too far back either) between the BLUE line and the YELLOW line.  So when the second set of BLUE results arrived from a descendant of Alexander’s elder brother John William Adamthwaite (1851-1906), I was dismayed to find they matched no one in our project at all.  But because we had the connection between

3 generations

Alfred Andrew Adamthwaite with his daughter, grandson and gt grandson

the first BLUE results with our YELLOW line tester, that meant that the most likely source of discrepancy must be in our second tester’s line.


We are fortunate in possessing certificates for a number of individuals in this branch, but one person has always proved difficult to pin down … John William’s grandson, another John William ADAMTHWAITE who was born sometime between 1899 and 1901 but whose birth certificate has never been located.  However, we had noted that in early records his middle name was not William but Wilberforce, which was puzzling.


I double checked every sighting of him – starting with his appearance in the 1911 census living at 155 Tachbrook St, Westminster:

  • John William Adamthwaite, head, mar, 31, machine ruler, b. London Tachbrook St

  • Ada Eliza Adamthwaite, wife, mar 12 yrs, 7 children,  one died, 33, b. London Eccleston Mews

  • John Wilberforce Adamthwaite, son, 11, school, b. London Vincent Square Mansions,

  • Ada Gladys Adamthwaite, dau, 6, school, b London Tachbrook St

  • Douglas Roy Adamthwaite, son, 5, school, b London Tachbrook St

  • Herbert Stanley Adamthwaite, son, 4, school, b. London Tachbrook St

  • Ethel Emma Adamthwaite, dau, 2, b London Tachbrook St

  • Doris Evelyn Adamthwaite, dau, 1, b. London Tachbrook St


Although the above census states that she had been married for 12 years, in fact Ada Clark did not marry John William Adamthwaite until 30 mar 1902 (source Marriage Certificate). We also know that John and Ada had another son Edmund born in 1903, who died in  infancy


I had already found John William Adamthwaite in the 1901 census, as an unmarried lodger in Westminster, but had not transcribed the other occupants at his address.  Another check of the entry revealed the following household.  At 12 Vincent Square :

  • Robert W Manning, head, mar, 54, living on own means, b Cape Town, S Africa

  • Ada Manning, wife, mar, 26, living on own means, b. London (this turns out to be Ada Clark)

  • Frank H Goodyear, bro in law, mar, 30, civil servant, b. London

  • Ethel C Goodyear, sister in law, mar, 27, b. Croydon (and this is Ada Clark’s married sister)

  • Maud A Goodyear, neice, 7, b London

  • William S Goodyear, nephew, 10m, b. London

  • John W Adamthwaite, visitor, unmarried, 22, soldier, b. London


I have found no sign of a marriage between Robert Manning and Ada Clark, however, I decided to search for a birth of John William/Wilberforce using the surname MANNING.  BINGO!  


Born on the 9 October 1901 at 12 Vincent Square was John Wilberforce MANNING, son of Robert Wilberforce Manning, of Independent Means, and Ada Eliza Manning, formerly Clark.


so the census would have been taken about six months before the birth of Ada’s baby. But an  interesting note from Ada’s 1902 marriage certificate to John William Adamthwaite is that Ada’s surname was recorded as Clark and she was a spinster.  So perhaps she was never Robert W Manning’s ‘wife’?


I think given the mis-match of yDNA results, we can assume that Ada’s baby was genetically the son of Robert Manning, even though he was clearly accepted as her new husband’s son in all subsequent records – and a genuine ADAMTHWAITE as far as his family is concerned, even if the yDNA shows a different story!  So no amendments are necessary to any of our BLUE line charts or spreadsheets.

It’s a different story for the OLIVE line …

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