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Newsletter - October 2013 (continued)

We have had just one set of yDNA results for the OLIVE line for several years (from a descendant of John and Isabel (Keasley)’s eldest son James Adamthwaite (1767-1796)who married Sarah Fothergill, but recently another volunteer took a yDNA test – he is a descendant of James’ elder brother Thomas Adamthwaite (b.1754) who married Mary Pearson.


So it was a shock to discover that, not only did our 2nd tester’s results NOT match those of our 1st OLIVE line tester, but they DID match testers from both the YELLOW line and the BLUE line!


I was particularly surprised to discover this, as I belong to the OLIVE line myself, and we have established through our Family Finder autosomal DNA programme that this tree (or at least the branch descended from James Adamthwaite) is accurately reconstructed.  I immediately contacted Elizabeth Adamthwaite (the fount of all knowledge for descendants of Thomas and Mary Pearson.  Elizabeth dug out her late husband Tom’s notes and was quickly able to tell me that in fact, Tom had had some reservations about whether his namesake Thomas Adamthwaite was indeed the son of John and Isabel (Keasley).  These things in particular had always bothered him:

  • the fact that when Thomas married Mary Pearson in 1774 both were of Kirkby Stephen, he gave his age as 23 (giving him a birth year of 1751) – but we had a birth record for John and Isabel’s son in April 1754 and this couple had only married a year earlier in May 1753.

  • There was no information connecting him back to Ravenstonedale, nor to his early life in a family of known Dissenters


I went back to the records to see if there was a birth of ANOTHER Thomas Adamthwaite around 1751, but found nothing.  However, I DID notice that there was a marriage of a Thomas Adamthwaite to Anne Fawcett in 1777 in Ravenstonedale – and  from his age at marriage, this Thomas would have been born in 1754.  Furthermore – this couple named their first and only child Isabel.  More investigation revealed that Anne came from a family of Dissenters, and that Isabel herself married John Todd – their many children all being baptised at the High Chapel in Ravenstonedale and the whole family (including parents Thomas and Anne) lived at Stennerskeugh.


Indeed Isabella Todd was still living near Stennerskeugh in the 1841 census where she was listed as a farmer, and two of her sons were with her, Thomas, a joiner and Robert an ag lab. All around were Fothergills, Hewetsons, and other families who were represented amongst the High Chapel membership.

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It's a different story for the OLIVE line!

So is this the correct son of John Adamthwaite and Isabel Keasley?  I think so – but will keep hunting for more evidence to confirm it.

In the meantime – I now need to split the current tree for the OLIVE line into two parts – and amend all the spreadsheets accordingly.  I plan to call the new line (headed up by Thomas Adamthwaite of Winton, born about 1751) the TEAL line.


Making all these corrections will keep me occupied for quite some time!

cutting olive chart MDKA chart

But the good news is ...

We now know that the BLUE line, the YELLOW line and the new TEAL line all share the same ADAMTHWAITE ancestor and the search is on for records to help identify the links between these lines.

If YOU would like to be part of our ADAMTHWAITE DNA project, please do get in touch.  The more results from each of the lines we have, the more certain we can be about the accuracy of the charts we have reconstructed.  


To participate in the yDNA part of the project, you must be a male who is directly descended through the male line (in almost all cases this means you will carry the surname 'Adamthwaite') but not be too closely related to anyone who has already tested. I can offer FREE yDNA test kits to men who meet these criteria.


If you do not fit the criteria to take a yDNA test - perhaps you are female, or descended from an Adamthwaite daughter  (i.e. you have 'Adamthwaite blood' running through your veins even though you carry a different surname!) you can still join in by taking a Family Finder autosomal DNA test.  The Family Finder test is more experimental, though we have confirmed 6th cousins in one instance, so I cannot pay for these tests using our General Fund, but for the first five people to contact me, I would accept a donation of $50 into our yDNA fund in exchange for a Family Finder kit (these have recently been reduced to an all-time low price of just $99!).  You can see the latest results for the Family Finder part of our DNA project on this page of the Ravenstonedale DNA Project


I hope your  own Adamthwaite research is progressing well, and don't forget to keep me updated with any new records you have tracked down, or photographs or stories about your Adamthwaite Ancestors that you would like me to include in our Miscellany section.


With best wishes


Join in, and help us make more discoveries

Sue Mastel