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Newsletter - March 2017

First of all, I am delighted to report that no one chose to unsubscribe from the new mailing list I set up in January, and only eight of the addresses seem to have ceased functioning, so these have been removed from the list.


Almost all of the 95 people who are currently subscribed to our Adamthwaite mailing list belong to one of the ten Adamthwaite lines, and I thought you might be interested to learn how many members we have in each category.  


These figures might not look very impressive at first glance, but when you consider how rare the Adamthwaite surname is, I think it is quite remarkable - thank you everyone for your continuing support!


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member numbers

If you know of anyone else who is actively researching your branch of Adamthwaites, please do encourage them to join our mailing list, as the more members we have who can share their knowledge the more we will all benefit.  It is simple to join ... just complete the 'Calling all Adamthwaites' form - see link on the left.


We do also have a high success rate as far as recruitment for our DNA Group Project - we currently have nine sets of yDNA results from Adamthwaite men who are direct line descendants and a further 18 sets of Family Finder autosomal DNA results (with at least one for each of our ten Adamthwaite lines).  In addition, the associated Ravenstonedale DNA Project has 7 members who have submitted yDNA to represent their family line (Fothergills, Swinbanks and a Fawcett) and ten more members who have taken Family Finder tests - all of whom have ancestry going back to Ravenstonedale parish before 1800.

DNA provides more clues about a possible connection to renowned Cherokee inventor


Back in 2010 I wrote an article in our Newsletter concerning the close match shared by both our GREY line yDNA testers with a man named Alex who is believed to be descended from a famous Cherokee named Sequoia.


Subsequently we discovered that Alex was also a match with the GREY line tester who has taken a Family Finder autosomal test.


We now have evidence that another man matches this little group, and what's more they share a unique Haplogroup.


Take a look at the Miscellany article about Sequoia and read the paper written by Mark Mitchell about the significance of the detailed DNA tests that they have taken.

More and more people are getting into DNA testing - many have been enticed by the adverts popping up everywhere you look for the Ancestry DNA test.  However, one big disadvantage of the Ancestry test is that there is no facility to set up group projects, where you can examine the results of people you know may show up as matches.  Now Family Tree DNA, who offer the Family Finder autosomal DNA test that we use in our Adamthwaite DNA Project, has made it possible to transfer your Ancestry DNA results to the Family Tree DNA database absolutely free.



Have you taken a DNA test?

ftDNA transfer offer

The future of the Adamthwaite Archive is now secure!

I am relieved to report that there is now a copy of the Adamthwaite Archive held on the web server of the Guild of One-name Studies.  You will find it at - however please note that it is a 'static' copy of the site, which is only updated once or twice a year.  The live version (this one!) at is the one which I will update on a regular basis.  You can check when the static version was last updated by looking at the date shown at the foot of the home page.  But when I am no longer able to update this current website, the version on the Guild website will remain available in perpetuity ... so if someone wishes to pick up the study in the future, they just have to become a member of the Guild of One-name Studies and request to register the surname Adamthwaite, when they will be able to access all the records I have collected (which will also be stored in the Guild Archive).

1939 Register

The 1939 Register was taken on 29th September 1939, shortly after the outbreak of WW2 - initially the information collected was used to issue identity cards, organise rationing and home defence.  The central records created from the 1939 Register continued to be updated with information relating to the birth of new babies and the marriages and deaths of individuals recorded in 1939, and to record the movements of families and individuals as they moved to new addresses.


I have searched for everyone named Adamthwaite and created a spreadsheet showing the individuals and families I located - in most cases it has been possible to identify the individuals, though there are a few mystery entries.  I have also marked up the final column of the 'Births' spreadsheets to indicate those Adamthwaites that I manged to find in the 1939 Register.  However, some children are likely to have already been evacuated and some men will have already joined the military services, so the spreadsheet does not include every Adamthwaite who was alive at that point in time!


Anyone listed on the original entries who was born less than 100 years ago, or who died after 1991 (when the original register was no longer updated) will be 'closed' until a death entry has been matched to their name.  So some of the family entries on my spreadsheet include a note saying if there were any 'closed records' attached to that family.  wherever possible, I have tried to guess who such closed records might be.


You can view the spreadsheet for the 1939 Register here

1939 register cropped

More updates ...

As you may be aware, the General Register Office for England and Wales has been running a pilot scheme which we all hope will lead to the availability of pdf versions of Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates being available online (hopefully at a much reduced price!)  As part of the pilot scheme, the amount of information available on the GRO Indexes for Birth and Death has been enhanced, and now includes the mother's maiden name on all Birth entries and the age at death on all Death entries from 1837 onwards.


As a result, I have been able to identify practically all of the birth and death entries on our Adamthwaite spreadsheets that had not previously been allocated to a particular family group and/or Adamthwaite line.  These sheets have now all been updated with the new information and are available in the Resource section.

So if you are an Adamthwaite descendant (male or female, just as long as you have 'Adamthwaite blood') and have taken a DNA test with Ancestry or 23andMe, please follow the link on the right and upload your data to Family Tree DNA - then let me know so that I can add you to our Adamthwaite Group Project.  And if you are reading this Newsletter because you are descended from one of the old Ravenstonedale families - you can also help by uploading your results and joining the Ravenstonedale DNA Project!


Please do contact me to share any new discoveries you make about your Adamthwaite ancestors from the wealth of new records that are becoming available online.  I would love to include your research findings on the website, so please send me stories for inclusion in our Miscellany section, or family photographs for our Galleries, or anything else you feel would be of interest to other Adamthwaite researchers.


With best wishes

Sue Mastel