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Newsletter - January 2016

A New Year and a New Look for the Adamthwaite Archive!

I hope you will agree that the changes I have made to the overall appearance of the website make it look a bit less old-fashioned – it has been a slow job correcting all the formatting errors which resulted from the recent migration from the previous ‘flash-based’ version to an ‘HTML’ version (and the complete loss of all the photo galleries, which have taken quite a while to rebuild!)


I also reorganised the navigation system – and introduced a ‘pathway’ through the History Section of the site to encourage new visitors to read all the background information about early Adamthwaites and understand how the Colour coding system works, before launching themselves into a search for their specific Adamthwaite ancestor.  If you can’t find a particular page you remember from the old version, please use the Table of Contents which lists every page in section order.

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I would REALLY welcome your comments on the new layout and navigation – and also please let me know of any formatting errors you spot.  The only tablet I can use to check layout is an iPad – if you are viewing the new website on a non-Apple tablet or mobile, I would be grateful to learn whether the pages display correctly or if images overlap text or pages drop off the bottom of the screen (so you can’t scroll down to the end) – these were the main problems I encountered when correcting the layout for errors that appeared on an iPad.

The aims of the migration to HTML were to achieve the following:

  • Accessibility – the website is now accessible on iPads, and other tablets and even on a mobile phone (though you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to select the ‘Standard’ version if the layout is still a jumble of Menu items and images)

  • Future-proofing – I will now be able to create a copy of the entire site on the Guild of One-name Studies webserver – this will be a static version (though I will update it several times a year) and will remain available in perpetuity (unlike this ‘live’ website which will disappear for ever when I join the ranks of ‘ancestors’ and the hosting fees stop being paid every month!)

I also plan to upload up ALL the data spreadsheets onto the Electronic Archive of the Guild – it will take me a while to get everything into the right format to upload, but once the data is stored on there it will be accessible to the general public and, more importantly, ready and waiting for a new Adamthwaite one-namer to pick up where I leave off.

Adamthwaites around the World Facebook Group

Many years ago I set up an Adamthwaite Group on Facebook – however, I am not at all skilled with social media (my granddaughter has to help me with all the privacy settings on my own Facebook page!)  So after an initial burst of enthusiasm, I am sorry to say I stopped managing and publicising the group, then some years ago, as a result of lack of postings, it was 'archived' by Facebook and all the members we had signed up were removed.  For some unknown reason, the group has now reappeared but only has two members and no-one has posted anything for years.  


However, if there is a (younger?) person reading this who is a whizz with Facebook and has a bit of spare time on their hands, who would like to take it over and build a new revitalised ‘Adamthwaites around the World’ group and publicise it amongst all those Adamthwaites who seem to have Facebook pages – this could be a good way of encouraging youngsters to find out more about their family history and possibly stimulate a new generation to research their Adamthwaite ancestors.  Please contact me if you would like to have a go!

I’ve not been slacking …

Although it is ages since the last Newsletter, I promise you that have not been neglecting the Adamthwaites!!  For the past two years I have been taking an online genealogy course with Pharos Tutors – this was their Intermediate Certificate course in ‘Family History Skills and Strategies’ – run in conjunction with the Society of Genealogists.  The course comprises ten modules, which are all assessed, covering the topics listed to the right.


Every one of the course tutors was excellent (many of them ‘stars’ in the genealogy world) and I learnt a phenomenal amount in every module.  Whenever possible, I took the opportunity to use Adamthwaites when researching for the module assignments, and the discoveries I made feature in several new or updated items in the Miscellany section (and some more are in the pipeline!)


I am proud to tell you that I successfully passed the course (with Distinction!) and will be attending a ‘Graduation’ party at the Society of Genealogists in the spring, when I look forward to meeting the tutors and some of my fellow students in person  (though quite a few of the participants on the various modules actually live in Australia, Canada, USA or Europe, so may not make it to London).

Modules covered on the 'Intermediate Certicate' course:

  • Nonconformity;

  • Employment records;

  • Wills & Administrations;

  • Migration in the British Isles;

  • Military Ancestors;

  • Victorian Crime and Punishment;

  • Apprenticeship Records;

  • Before the Modern Census (sources from 1690-1837);

  • The Poor the Parish and the Workhouse;

  • 17th Century sources.  

pharos tutors logo

If you are running out of ideas in ways to further your own family history research, I can thoroughly recommend taking one of Pharos Tutors’ online courses – there are courses on lots of different topics and at different levels (they even offer a free ‘taster’ unit to discover if online learning is for you).  Most courses last between three to five weeks and are offered once or twice a year.  


DNA update

We now have yDNA results from nine male Adamthwaite testers - representing six of the seven lines that have known living male descendants.  The results confirm that the BLUE, YELLOW and TEAL lines share a common Adamthwaite ancestor (though we haven't yet identified who he was) but the OLIVE, VIOLET and GREY lines are descended from three different Adamthwaite ancestors - you can read all about the latest results here.


We also now have 14 sets of autosomal DNA results from men and women with ADAMTHWAITES in their ancestry (with at least one tester from every line except the Light Green line!) - results for these tests are included on the Ravenstonedale DNA Project website (link above left), as we all have ancestry from OTHER old Ravenstonedale families as well, so we are looking for connections with descendants of other Ravenstonedale families too.  If you are thinking of venturing into the fascinating world of autosomal DNA testing (with either Family Tree DNA's Family Finder test or Ancestry's DNA test) please do read this page first, or contact me to discuss how to make sure your results can be included in our project.


I wish you all a successful 2016 researching your family history ... and please do remember to send me any interesting stories you discover about your Adamthwaite ancestors, for inclusion in our growing Miscellany section.


with best wishes

Sue Mastel