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Newsletter - February 2013

Welcome to all the new members of the Adamthwaite Mailing List on Rootsweb, which continues to grow as a result of the increased interest in family history following the popularity of television programmes such as 'Who do you think you are?' and 'Heir Hunters' (I regularly check the Bona Vacantia list to see if there are any Adamthwaites listed, though even if I ever found one, I don't think I could compete with the speed of the professional heir hunters!)  But you might like to check the list here, to see if you recognise any of the people listed as members of your own family.

indenture for Edmond son of Thomas of R'dale 1675 compressed gene-dna-climb richard III

The Historical Records page has been expanded with more entries in the Apprenticeship records (including details from this image of an indenture dating back to 1685, which helped to prove that one of the Adamthwaite families that appeared in London in the late 17th century was born in Ravenstonedale)


I have also been able to add details of Adamthwaites found in London Land Tax records and in Poll Books and Electoral Registers from various counties.

Additions and updates to the

Adamthwaite Archive

Adamthwaite Wills and documents – thanks to help from various kind people, I have been able to add transcriptions for several of the wills which were written in Latin, and also have made corrections to the dates of some of the Manorial documents.


BMD spreadsheets – I have continued to work my way through the early entries on the baptisms, marriages and burials sheets, adding notes giving explanations about who a number of the individuals might be (these are shown in red as they are still speculative).  This is as a result of various discoveries in new online records, such as apprenticeship records, electoral rolls, and further examination of manorial records.  Also more details have been added from parish records and certificates to a number of the more recent birth, marriage and death records.

Latest discoveries through our DNA program

DNA has been in the news this week, with the finding that the bones in the Leicester car park are indeed those of Richard III (though that investigation used mitochondrial DNA, which is very different from the yDNA that is generally used for Surname studies).


And though we can't claim any royal ancestry, this week, I have just received the welcome news that our latest set of yDNA results, from a volunteer descended from the BLUE line of Adamthwaites, matches the results for our YELLOW line volunteer!  So we now know for certain that these two lines share a common Adamthwaite ancestor.  This is very exciting, because we have had a suspicion for some time

The skeleton discovered under a Leicester car park has been confirmed as the body of Richard III

that there was a connection between these two lines, though we have never found a record of the birth of William Adamthwaite who heads the BLUE line so have not been able to discover exactly how he fits in to the Yellow line.  We have a second set of yDNA results in the pipeline for another member of a different branch of the BLUE line.  Once all three results can be closely compared, it may be possible to calculate how many generations back the two lines link up.  I’ll keep you informed in future Newsletters.

Remember we still have a couple of FREE yDNA test kits and could do with volunteers from different branches of the following lines (i.e. branches have not already been tested): YELLOW, OLIVE, VIOLET.  I am also still searching for a volunteer from the ORANGE line. Remember, for the yDNA test, you must be male and you must carry the surname Adamthwaite.   If you think you can help, please email me explaining which branch of which line you belong to so that I can see if you qualify for a free test.


We are also finding a surprisingly high level of matching between the volunteers in our Family Finder DNA program, which you can read about on the Ravenstonedale DNA Project site (see the link on the left column of this page) – we now have ten sets of results, which have confirmed all the known relationships and suggested that in fact there are connections between ALL the lines tested, though these are almost certainly through female Adamthwaites and intermarriages with other old Ravenstonedale families.

Current research

I am still working on gathering as much information as I can about the lives of the earliest Adamthwaites in Ravenstonedale.  Thanks to the generous help of Simon, a researcher at the National Archives, I hope to put together some theories about who lived where and how the earliest Adamthwaites in Ravenstonedale link together.  


Paula’s son Jonathan has also contributed some fascinating information about the involvement of one early Adamthwaite in a tenants’ uprising.  I plan to add new pages on the website about  these topics in the near future.




Every now and again, someone sends me another photograph to add to our photo galleries – the latest were from new member Terry, and show two members of the Blue line.  Can I ask everyone to have a look through their old photos and try to send me photos for YOUR line of Adamthwaites?  These should ideally be in JPG format, and must be accompanied by a description of who is in the photos and roughly when you think the images were taken.  If you do not have a scanner, you can post me original photos and I promise to return them to you immediately.



I look forward to hearing from you - all information about your Adamthwaite ancestors will be most gratefully received.

Adamthwaite Photo Galleries

Sue Mastel

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UPDATE:  Many thanks to Richard, who responded almost instantly to my request for photos with an excellent photo of his grandparents, Frederick Charles Adamthwaite and Ellen Emma (Lyall) - which you can find in the YELLOW line Photo Gallery.  

And we have also received a set of photos of John Adamthwaite and Sarah Nicholson and their family from Lorraine - see the OLIVE line Photo Gallery.  Thank you Lorraine.