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Newsletter April 2014

At last it is Spring here in England and the wisteria has blossomed over our balcony (in fact it is threatening to take over!)


I have almost completed the major task of splitting the OLIVE line of Adamthwaites into two separate lines (OLIVE and TEAL) following the  drama caused by the yDNA results reported in the last newsletter.  You will now find separate family tree charts for the two lines and almost all of the spreadsheets have been recoloured to represent the new TEAL line (still got the photo galleries and a few minor spreadsheets to finish).


My progress has been hampered by the fact that I had a very unwelcome diagnosis of non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma last Autumn and have been receiving chemotherapy for the past six months, which slowed me down somewhat.  But the treatment was successful and I am now in full remission and feeling MUCH better!


I have also been continuing to root out documents about Ravenstonedale - as many of the old records are providing clues as to the make up of families as well as increasing our understanding of how our ancestors lived their lives.  


The latest treasure to come my way is a digital copy of the Manor Court Book which includes records of parish meetings, the Custumal (local Laws), lists of tenants, details of tithes set, records of disputes and so on. This copy was made in 1652 from a version dating back a century earlier and is in the form of digital images of the pages of the 'Great End Book' which has only recently been restored.  However, the writing is very hard to read, some pages partially obscured and many of the phrases unfamiliar ... so it is very slow going trying to make sense of it all.

End Book

Fortunately, there is yet ANOTHER copy which was made a century after this one, which I can refer to when I get completely stuck!  But already, I have found some fascinating

information about John Adamthwaite of the OLIVE line which is included in the latest article in the Miscellany section about the Maintenance of the Poor of Ravenstonedale.



We still need male Adamthwaite descendants from several lines - and have free yDNA test kits available for volunteers from branches of lines that have not yet been tested.


But if you are female, or not a direct male line descendant, why not take the plunge and join in our Family Finder autosomal DNA program?  We recently added results for two descendants of William of Cowgill who married Margaret Dawson in 1713 and the network of connections between the 15 of us who have tested to date is fascinating (see last Newsletter for details about the Family Finder test).  You can view the Family Finder results to date on the 'Ravenstonedale DNA Project' pages - link on left.


I would welcome more stories about your Adamthwaite ancestors to add to our Miscellany section - and of course more photos and copies of any certificates or other information are always gratefully received.


With best wishes

DNA update

Sue Mastel

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