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"The website IS the one-name study!"



Have you been helped by the information on this site?  If you would like to contribute to the cost of our DNA project, just £10 would help towards the cost of DNA kits!

March 2009 Newsletter

Five FREE DNA tests!!

We are making a FANTASTIC OFFER in an attempt to find more volunteers to come forward to join our DNA project ...


The first two of these free 37 marker yDNA test kit will be sent to the first male Adamthwaite from each of the following two lines:

  • VIOLET line

  • BLUE line

who volunteers to participate in the project.  All you need to do is email me with your full name and postal address, and brief details of your paternal family line (e.g. name of father, grandfather, great grandfather and their date and place of birth).  I will put a test kit in the post to you straight away – each kit contains full details on how to use the cheek swabs and contains a return envelope to post the kit back to Family Tree DNA in the USA (though I think  you will have to pay the postage!)


The other three kits will be sent to the first three male Adamthwaites who come forward from any of the other lines – as long as you DO NOT belong to the branches which have already tested (see below for details of the branches where we are still seeking volunteers).  


We already have completed test results from one branch of each of the OLIVE, YELLOW and GREY lines – but we still need  more men to take a DNA test from other branches of these lines to make sure that we have structured our trees correctly:

OLIVE line – we need to test one male Adamthwaite descendant from at least one of these branches -

  • James Adamthwaite and Ann Carter, who lived in Co Durham

  • John Adamthwaite and Sarah Nicholson who emigrated to Australia

  • Joseph Adamthwaite and Emma Smith who married in Australia


YELLOW line – we need to test one male Adamthwaite descendant from at least one of these branches -

  • Joseph James Adamthwaite and Susanna State

  • Henry Edward Adamthwaite and Jane Marriner

  • Robert Adamthwaite and Ann Garner

  • Charles Frederick Adamthwaite and Celia Gordge


GREY line – we now have male Adamthwaite descendants in the project from both the Canadian and Australian branches of this line,

  • However, there is a slight possibility that there are other living male Adamthwaite descendants living in the UK


ORANGE line – we need to test one male Adamthwaite descendant from the following branch -

  • William Vipond Adamthwaite and Elizabeth Selina Johnson (all living descendants are believed to be in the USA)

  • Plus, if there are any other male Adamthwaite descendants from other branches of theORANGE line, we would like to hear from you too!


PINK, LT GREEN and TURQUOISE lines – we believe that there are no longer any living male Adamthwaite descendants of any of these lines – but do get in touch if we are wrong about this.


If you are unsure about any aspect of DNA testing – please read the section on our website – especially the background notes which have recently been added.  But hurry! There are only four kits available!


LADIES!!  Do YOU know a male Adamthwaite in your line who would qualify for one of these test kits?  If so, please contact them as soon as possible. 


Because I blew the remaining cash in our Adamthwaite General Fund on purchasing these kits, anyone who is keen to help this project may wish to consider making a small donation to the General Fund, so that we can begin to replenish the Fund in order to continue to offer subsidised tests to future participants.  

WDYTYA Medium Web view

More from the Who Do You Think You Are Exhibition

I visited on the Sunday (see left), when it was a little less hectic that I gather it had been on Friday and Saturday.  I attended several interesting workshops, especially an excellent  talk by Michael Gandy on NonConformists (you can read my notes here) and picked up some useful ideas and information.


New information on

Did you know that Ancestry has got the entire GRO index of births from 1916 through to 1983 up on their site?  I must have missed the announcement, because I found it quite by accident – but you can now do a search of all births in England and Wales between 1837 and 2005.  They are promising to put up Marriages and Deaths too in the near future.


Why not come for a 'Walk Around Ravenstonedale'?






As part of the programme of the Sedbergh History Society, Caroline Morris (who is linked to the Adamthwaites through her ancestor Anthony Metcalf, son of Agnes Metcalf who married William Adamthwaite of Adamthwaite) is leading a guided walking tour of Ravenstonedale on 8th July.


Are there any members of the Mailing List who feel inclined to take a short break in Cumbria in early July – we could have a mini-Adamthwaite-get-together?  There is lots of B&B and self catering accommodation in the area – from cottages to castles (details of some are shown on the wonderful Ravenstonedale website).  I’m going to try to get up there – let me know if you think you could make it too.

Who have YOU found in the 1911 census?

Apart from the frustration of having to buy credits to view either the transcripts or the full images of the 1911 census (and also of course the fact that the Northern Counties are still not available), the 1911 census is still proving a very valuable source of information.  The transcriptions are excellent and the excitement of seeing your ancestors’ own handwriting on the forms compensates somewhat for the expense.  Furthermore, the additional information available on this census – number of years in the present marriage and total number of children born plus the number still living – is very useful.


For those of you, like me, with Find my Past subscriptions who don’t have the patience to wait until this census is available as part of your subscription – there are a few ways of minimising the number of credits you need to use up to find one particular family:

  • Use wildcards in the family name – to ensure that you don’t miss a wrong transcription.

  • If you are fairly certain of the names of several members of the family who are likely to be living in one household at the time the 1911 census was taken then use the Advanced search form.  This gives you the opportunity to list several forenames.  This will probably narrow your search results down sufficiently to locate the correct record.  

  • If you are not that confident, then search for each of the names individually (starting with the most unusual one), and make a note of the details for each possible find.  Then view either the image or transcript for the one where the details of county and district match for all members of the family.  And if you think you will want to view the actual image; then be bold and go for it straight away, as if you view the transcript first you’ll end up spending 40 units instead of only 30!

All the Adamthwaites I have managed to find are shown in the Census pages of the website, and I will add those from the Northern Counties and Wales as soon as these are released.  But I know there are some individuals that I have not managed to locate.  If you are more successful, I should be very grateful if you could email me with the details and I will add them to the spreadsheet.


The Adamthwaite Quiz

It looks as if everyone who is going to complete a quiz form has already done so, as there has been just one new form sent in during the past week.  However we still need more people who are NOT connected to the Adamthwaites to send in forms, to provide a control group to compare the Adamthwaite responses to.


In the meantime I will analyse the results received so far and put them on the website shortly.


Photographs of Places

We have recently added some more photos to the Around Ravenstonedale gallery and also introduced two new places:

  • Photos from around Bentham

  • Photos from around Quambatook

Don’t forget to dig out those photos of the towns and villages where your Adamthwaite family lived and send them in for inclusion in our Photo Gallery.  


Updates to Adamthwaite Archive website

Since the newly designed website was uploaded in early January 2009, further sections have been added, including:


Very few people have commented on whether they find the new design of the website an improvement – I have learned that at least one person is unable to install Flash Player on her PC; has this been a problem for anyone else?  And are the download times improved for the BMD and census spreadsheets (bearing in mind that these are no longer divided up into chunks)?  If you have any comments, please do let me know so that I can make any necessary changes.



With best wishes



[email protected] 


... UPDATE: now only TWO kits left

UPDATE: see latest info about Reunion on 8th July 2009