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Manorial documents

We have collected a number of Manorial documents of relevance to Adamthwaite researchers, including images and transcriptions of rental agreements relating to various members of the Adamthwaite family who lived in Ravenstonedale  in 16th to 18th centuries (courtesy of EA) and an Indenture concerning Wood etc. in Ravenstonedale AD 1592 (transcribed by R J Adamthwaite)


The most exciting development has been my purchase of a CD containing digital images of all pages of The Great End Book of Ravenstonedale from the Cumbria Archives.  This Book records the meetings and decisions of the Grand Jury of Ravenstonedale - 24 men elected from the families in the parish (13 men in the earliest years), who held the responsibility of maintaining law and order within the parish, recording such matters as the setting of poor rates and allocation of poor relief.  I am slowly transcribing this book, whenever I have any 'spare' time - and will of course add transcriptions of the most interesting pages on the website in due course.  Rev William Nicholls drew heavily on this volume when writing his lectures which were eventually published in 'The History and Traditions of Ravenstonedale' - mentioned on the 'Ravenstonedale Registers' page.