Manor View, Church End Finchley

Background information about this research

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For a number of years, I have been gathering information about Manor View, indeed some neighbours may remember receiving a request I circulated back in 2014, asking for any information or old photos that I could use to illustrate what I intended to be a small booklet to distribute to neighbours.


Being confined at home as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, I have now had time to put together all the information I have collected to date, to share with any interested neighbours. If any of you can add photos or stories about occupants of your own house, please pass them to me and I will add them to this site.


My initial search for information about the plans and construction of the original houses proved fruitless, and indeed one neighbour recalls working in the basement of Avenue House some years ago, when her job was to shred all the contents of old files from the Barnet Planning Department (this could explain the lack of any response from the Council!)


But fate intervened, and in the summer of 2015 I happened to be in our front garden, when an elderly lady with her companion passed by. They stopped to chat and explained that the lady had once lived at number 16 and her carer had brought her to Manor View for a wander along ‘memory lane’ ... I instantly knew who I was talking to – Miss Betty Nye, who had been living at no.16 with her widowed mother back in 1975 when we were viewing  houses in the road! In fact we were unable to complete the sale of our own house in time, and ended up buying a house a few doors away. The carer gave me her phone number and offered to bring Miss Nye back for tea and a longer talk, and she also promised to bring her photo album....


.... and here she is, together with some of her photos - I had no idea that Betty was actually 93 at the time of this visit. Nor that she had been born in Manor View in 1923; her memory was superb.

rear of 'Ickwell' 16 Manor View Sue with Miss Nye local children in garden of Ickwell Ickwell and Jesmond (16 and 14 Manor View) members of the Nye family in garden of Ickwell

clockwise from above left:

a) Betty Nye recounting her memories of living in Manor View;

b) Ickwell (no.16) and Jesmond (no.14) on the right.  The man and boy standing far right are Betty's father and her older brother John.

c) Rear view of no.16, with what looks like a lovely pergola laden with roses.  The older gentleman sitting next to Betty's brother is their grandfather

d) Local children - Betty told me that nearly all the neighbours had young children, so there was no shortage of playmates!

e) Back centre and left - Betty's grandparents Adolf and Emily Rossmanith (who lived with the Nye's until their deaths in 1926 and 1937); back right her mother Pauline with baby Betty on her lap;  front left Betty's father, William; front right her brother John. As I now know that Betty was born in 1923 and her brother in 1918, that suggests this photo dates to 1923; (and perhaps also for the two images of their house)

If anyone has old photos of their own house, I would love to include them on the relevant page in section Four.


I have recently discovered that Betty Nye died soon after her visit – so this page is dedicated to her memory.

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