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"The website IS the one-name study!"



Have you been helped by the information on this site?  If you would like to contribute to the cost of our DNA project, just £10 would help towards the cost of DNA kits!

June 2009 Newsletter

Firstly, I must apologise for the late issue of the June Newsletter.  As well as being on holiday during June, I was waiting to receive details for the first two items below:


Winning website

The Guild of One Name Studies has now officially published the results of the 2009 Publications Awards; and I am delighted to announce that the Adamthwaite Archive won first place in the website category!  You can read the relevant section of the article from the July issue of the Guild Journal here  (the pdf has been reproduced with kind permission of the author and editor of the Guild Journal)


DNA match!

Just this morning, I received confirmation that the DNA results for our two volunteers from the GREY line are an almost identical match – with 36 out of 37 markers matching – which means that we can now be confident that our family trees for the GREY line are absolutely correct.  Both are descended from John Adamthwaite (born in Brough in 1794) and his wife Sarah (Steel).   Our Canadian volunteer is John’s 3 x great grandson and is from GREY line 3b, while our Australian volunteer is John’s 5 x great grandson and is from GREY line 2.


As far as we are aware, none of the other branches of the GREY line has living male descendants, so we do not need any further volunteers from the GREY line.  However – there is still the possibility that this line is linked to one of the other lines.  I will be updating the website with this new information very soon. In the meantime, you can view the results to date on the Family Tree DNA website.


PLEASE HELP in our DNA project ... there are still four FREE test kits waiting to be sent out to suitable male volunteers who carry the Adamthwaite surname.  We still need volunteers from the VIOLET line, the ORANGE line, the BLUE line, and also from certain branches of the OLIVE and YELLOW lines.  Just email me with your name and address, and your parents details and (providing you belong to one of the lines and branches that we still need to test) I will put a test kit in the post to you straight away.  Go on, do it today, it is totally painless and you could uncover the link between some of our lines !!


Adamthwaite reunion in Ravenstonedale – 8th July 2009 

Next week, some of us are heading up to Cumbria to meet up and join the ‘Exploring Ravenstonedale’ walk which has been organised by the Sedbergh History Society – details of the programme are on our website.  It is not too late to join us.  If you can get to Ravenstonedale for the day next Wednesday we would love to meet you, and you could visit your ancestor’s home town.  So far we have got members of the OLIVE, YELLOW, VIOLET and TURQUOISE lines attending.  Let me know if you can come, especially if you would like to join us for dinner at the Black Swan in the evening, so I can reserve the table – partners are welcome too of course!


Updates to the Website

Since the last Newsletter, the following information has been updated on the Adamthwaite Archive:

• Details of Adamthwaite families found in the 1911 census are now complete

• Adamthwaites found in Australian Electoral Rolls have been added

• Adamthwaite passengers to Canada have been updated

• New article on William McEver Adamthwaite added to Miscellany section

Death Duty records updated with many more details

• Adamthwaites in the Probate Calendar have been updated up to 1980

• All Birth, Marriage and Death spreadsheets have been updated

• Further information included on the page about Quakers and Dissenters, including an index added from ‘A Book of Old Quaker Wills’

• An Adamthwaite Forum has been set up ... so far I am the only one who has added a mugshot – what do the rest of you look like?  Why not use the forum to ask for help with your family history research?

• More photos added to the galleries – do you have any more photos of your ancestors to add?


Have you joined the Facebook group ‘Adamthwaites around the World’?

We now have 34 members of the Facebook group many of whom are (how can I put this politely?) a little younger than our mailing list members!  Why not join yourself and send a message to the Facebook members – you might discover some living relatives who could help with your own family history research.  And why not post some photos of your own ancestors with a brief description – get the youngsters interested in their own family history. You need to sign up to Facebook before joining the Adamthwaite group.


Do you have a story to add to our Miscellany section?

We all have fascinating stories and recollections about our Adamthwaite ancestors.  I am still trying to write up one about some very dodgy relationships in the OLIVE line.  Why not tell us about the lives YOUR Adamthwaite ancestors lived, especially if you can include some photographs or illustrations of the people or the places where they lived their lives.  Love stories, scandals, tragedies – long or short, all your stories and recollections are very welcome.  


Now I must get back to knitting for our new grandchild who is due to arrive in early August ... another Adamthwaite descendant to join the ranks (even though his/her surname will be Hopkinson!)


With best wishes



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