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July 2012 Newsletter

The Olympic Torch arrived in London this week, and we are all preparing ourselves for the anticipated excitement and chaos.  As you can see, my granddaughter Lucy and I are ready to wave our flags when the torch arrives here in Finchley on Wednesday and also for the country-wide bell ringing at 08:12 on Friday morning!

olympic torch cab driver 18 folgate st polo event

Are you coming to London for the Olympics?

If so, you may find it helpful to read this tongue-in-cheek Visitors' Guide that appeared a few days ago in the Guardian ... though I hope that none of our overseas readers get so irate about it as some of the hundreds that commented on the article (please note that the author is a born and bred American himself!)


If you are planning to visit London at any time, I can thoroughly recommend a visit to 18 Folgate Street. This 18th century house, situated in the shadow of the Gherkin in Spitalfields in the City of London, was transformed into a "still-life drama" by the artist Dennis Severs.  It is certainly not a museum, more an experience of life from over 200 years ago.  The Dennis Severs' House website gives you more information the background, including details of the very limited visiting hours.

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Did any of your ancestors participate in the Olympics?

I couldn't find any Adamthwaites on this Olympic website, but why not take a look to see if any of your ancestors appear?  I have added a Comments Box at the end of this Newsletter so you can tell us all about them.

The only Olympian associated with the Adamthwaites that I know of was Captain Frederick Agnew GILL, the second husband of Evelyn Juliet Adamthwaite of the PINK line.  He won a Bronze Medal in the 1900 Paris Olympics as a member of the French/English Polo Team.

great british story

The Great British Story

While we're being patriotic - here is a link to a current BBC series that you may be able to pick up on iPlayer.  This link is to Episode 5 (of 8) which was 'Lost Worlds and New Worlds' charting the Reformation and how it affected the ordinary British people.  As well as being very informative, this particular episode included some of the most exquisite photography of the British

countryside that I have seen on television in years.  The next episode is about the Age of Revolution: the British Civil Wars, and is due to be broadcast on BBC2 on 27th July 2012.


For the past few months, I have been searching for Adamthwaites in all the new internet resources that are becoming available.  Whenever I find anything, as well as adding the new information to the relevant resource on the Archive (such as Historical Directories and the newly added Hearth Tax records), I have attempted to include a short description to the individual's entry on the Births spreadsheets.  This is rather slow going, because particularly for the earliest records before we have managed to group everyone into specific Adamthwaite lines, I am having to try to put individuals into small family groups to work out who is who.  I also hope to be able to update the ‘Ravenstonedale and Sedbergh’ speculative chart, because some of this new information is providing clues as to the identity of the 'stray' Adamthwaites that appear in early records for the City of London, York and Essex.  It is certainly looking as if ALL these Adamthwaites can also be tied back to Ravenstonedale, which is very exciting.


If you discover any new information about your Adamthwaites that doesn’t seem to be available on the website, please do send me details so I can add it in.  With your help the jigsaw can get closer to completion.

Ravenstonedale Surname Project

Rdale DNA project website FF matrix thumbnail

The RAVENSTONEDALE surname project has now got off the ground … so far I have received interest from FAWCETTs, SWINBANKs, FOTHERGILLs, METCALFs, WHARTONs, and THORNBOROUGHs, though I guess it will be a long time before we start to discover any information that will throw any light on the shared genetic ancestry between the various surnames.




Our own Adamthwaite ‘Family Finder’ DNA project is coming along too – we now have eight project members and the results for the  six sets of results received to date are shown on the matrix below:

If anyone else - male or female - with ‘Adamthwaite blood’ (the more recent the better) is interested in joining this Family Finder DNA project, please get in touch.  We now have two project members for the OLIVE and ORANGE lines and one each from the VIOLET, BLUE, PINK and TURQUOISE lines.  Volunteers from the YELLOW and GREY lines would be particularly welcome and also from other

branches of the lines already tested.  I would need to ask for a contribution of around $50 for one of these kits, as I don’t feel it is appropriate to use the small amount left in our General Fund for this purpose.  However, as well as helping us to find out more about our shared Adamthwaite ancestry, you would discover fascinating information about your deep ancestral origins and may well discover new cousins from other branches of your own family history.


I am still hopeful that one day we will eventually find male Adamthwaite volunteers to take yDNA tests for the BLUE and ORANGE lines and also testers from other branches of the OLIVE, VIOLET and YELLOW lines

Adamthwaite DNA Project

The road to Adamthwaite

I just had to share with you the super photo I came across recently on the Geograph website.  It was taken by John Darch  and is licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

This single-track road from Ravenstonedale leads only to the isolated farmstead of Adamthwaite .... a distance of 2 ½ miles.


If you have any photos of places where your Adamthwaite

ancestors lived, please could you contact me, as I have started to put together maps and photos showing the various farms etc where members of each Adamthwaite line lived at points through time.


Here is a link to the map showing places associated with the GREY line of Adamthwaites.

the road to Adamthwaite john darch

Sue Mastel

waving the flag