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John Adamthwaite of Hallbank jr, yeoman -

Will, Inventory, two Bonds & Indenture (d1728)

NOTES: baptised 11 May 1671 at Sedbergh, son of John Adamthwaite of Sarthwaite (later of Hallbank)

Married 22 apr 1710 at Kendal to Jane Holme; following Jane's death in 1722 at Sedbergh, John married Elizabeth Spicer on 14 Apr 1724 at Sedbergh

Buried 30 Oct 1728 at Sedbergh

Known children of John and Jane: stillborn infant (1711); John (1712-1722); Thomas of Hallbank (see Will) (1715-1768); William of Branthwaite (see Will) (1718-1776); Margaret (1722 - 1722)

No known children of John and Elizabeth



WILL  dated 27th October 1728


To my son Thomas all my estate at Hallbank where I now live and also all my other lands at Hallbank which John Bowstick now hath in Farm, and also the land at Hallbank which I purchased of Benjamin Nelson, plus the several Closes called Cowm Bank, Cowm Bottom and Seavey Parrock, which I purchased of John Haygarth; also the Close called Joshua Bank which I purchased of Gilbert Thompson and which formerly belonged to Joshua Thompson.

To my now wife Elizabeth annuity of £8.

To my son William my estate at Fellside called Branthwaites, which John Shipperd now hath in farm [& other lands in Gapp]

R&R to my son Thomas, sole exec.

To my uncle Thomas Adamthwaite one guinea

My son Thomas to pay to his brother William Adamthwaite £100 twelve months after my wife's decease.

Supervisors are my loving brothers-in-law George Holme and William Atkinson, to whom I commit the care of the education of my children during their minority.


Testator marked J A


Witnesses:      Christopher Spicer

                        Jeffery Lancaster

                        Jno Gosling



INVENTORY  dated 1st October 1728 ......................................................... £107 5s 6

less debts of £61


Appraisers:       Thomas Adamthwaite of Ravenstonedale yeoman

                         Martin Wilson of Diliker, Co. Westmorland yeoman

                         Edmond Bland of Hollin Hill yeoman

                         John Fawcett of Fell Yeat yeoman



CURATION BOND dated septimo die Novembris 1728

Bound:              William X Atkinson of Hallbank, p. Sedbergh yeoman

                         George Holme of Kiloker Park, p. Kendal, Westmorland yeoman


Sworn:              Both, to look after Thomas Adamthwaite aged 13 years and William Adamthwaite

                         aged 11 years, the natural & lawful children of John Adamthwaite, late of

                         Sedbergh, deceased.



PROBATE BOND dated same

Bound:              same

Sworn:              same, to execute during the minority of Thomas Adamthwaite, the executor




INDENTURE dated 29 Jan 1728

This Indenture made the Twenty ninth day of January in the second year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second by the Grace of God King of Great Britain Anoq domi 1728, between George Holme of Dilikor in the parish of Kirby Kendall in the County of Westmoreland and William Atkinson of Hallbank in the parish of Sedbergh County of York Yeoman (and nominated Trustees in the Last Will and Testament of John Adamthwaite late of Hallbank aforesaid Yeoman deceased) on the one part.  And Jeffrey Lancaster of Hallbank aforesaid in the said County of York husbandman on the other part. Witnesseth that they the said George Holme and William Atkinson  for and in consideration of the Rents and Covenants hereafter in and by those presents mentioned and reserved.  Have demised granted sett and to farm Letten and by those presents do demise grant Set and to ffarm Sett unto the said Jeffrey Lancaster his heirs a… and assignes all that messuage and tenement commonly called and known by the name of Smorthwaites situate lying and  being at Hallbank aforesaid in the parish of Sedbergh and County of York aforesaid late in the occupation of one John Bowstick.  And all the orchards gardens lands meadows pastures floodings woods wastes ways commonrights liberties and hereditaments to the said messuage and tenement belonging or in any wise of right appertaining, or therewithal usually held occupied or enjoyed and also all that close which is called and known by the name of Joshua Bank heretofore belonging to one Joshua Thompson and also one other close called the Bogg adjoining upon or lying near to the said estate called Smorthwaits all which said premises are now in the tenure or occupation of the said Jeffrey Lancaster with all the rights and appurtances unto the said premises belonging or therewith now lised or enjoyed.  To have and to hold the said domisad and tenement lands and hereditaments from and after the fifteenth day of April next ensuing and the messuage house and outhouses from the first day of May next after the date hereof unto the said Jeffrey Lancaster his executors assigns for and during the  spare and term of seven years from thence next following and fully to be compleat and ended.  Yeilding and paying therefore the yearly rent of ten pounds of lawful British Money unto the said George Holme and William Atkinson or their  assigns for the life of Thomas and William Adamthwaite, sons of John Adamthwaite abovenamed.  At two several payments by even and equal portion (that is to say) the sum of five pounds … upon every twenty fifth day of March and the like sum of five pounds residue of the said yearly rent on every eleventh day of November.  The first payment to be made on the twentyfifth day of March next after the commencement of this lease and in like manner on those days yearly and until the last year of this demise and that then in the said last year of the demised form or of the lesees continuant and upon the said premises the said Jeffrey Lancaster his executors administrators or assigns shall not only pay the sum of five pounds on the eleventh day of November but shall also pay the further sum of ten pounds on the twenty fifth day of march for the rent of the premises in that year his lease terminates.  And the said George Holme and William Atkinson do for themselves their heirs executors administrators and for the abovenamed Thomas and William Adamthwaite (now in minority) covenant grant and agree to and with the said Jeffrey Lancaster his executors administrators and assigus by those p…. in manner following viz that he the said Jeffrey Lancaster his executors administrators and assigus under payment of the said yearly rent and performance of all singular the covenants cr hereinafter on his and their parts to be observed performed fulfilled and kept shall and lawfully may quietly and peaceably have hold and enjoy the said domicceds premises with every of their appurtances during the term aforesaid and also will find and provide the said Jeffrey Lancaster with what years as may be necessary of sufficient for the premises during the said term the said Jeffrey finding the workmen with … which they make them up.  And the said Jeffrey Lancaster doth for himself his executors and administrators and assignes covenant promise and agree to and with them the said George Holme and William Atkinson their heirs and assigues by those presents in manner following.  That is to say that for the said Jeffrey Lancaster his executors admins and assigues or some of them for so long time of the term aforesaid as he or they shall or may peaceably possess and enjoy the above demised shall and will satisfie and pay or cause to be well and truly satisfied and paid unto them the said George Holme and William Atkinson or their assignes for the aforesaid the said yearly rent of ten pounds of lawful British money in such proportions and at the days and times as above limited and doth hereby further covenant and agree that if the said George Holmes and William Atkinson rebuilds the messuage house wherein the said Jeffrey :Lancaster now dwells or cause the same to be rebuilded and slated so as that the said Jeffrey …. Exempted and freed from thatching that then and from thenceforth during the residue of the said term the said Jeffrey Lancaster his execs admins or assigns will well and truly pay the yearly rent of ten pounds and ten shillings for the said demised premises at the usual rent days and in proportion as above limited and will well and sufficiently husband manure and till the said premises according to the common course of good husbandry and custom of the country and will keep and hedges fences and ditches in good and sufficient repair during this demise and at the end of the said term will yield and deliver up the peaceable possession of the said demised premises.  In witness whereof the abovenamed parties to those presents have hereunto interchangeably sett their hands and seals the day and year first abovewritten.


Sealed signed and delivered in the presence of Richard Lancaster, John Hartley


Jeffrey Lancaster


George Holmes William  (X)  Atkinson